Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas nears :D

So we will hit our first Christmas event Saturday. We'll be motoring down to his Dad's house to do that side of Christmas. Then we'll come back Sunday, do our own little Christmas, he'll work Monday, we'll then drive back down to Americus for Christmas Eve and Christmas with his moms, and then back on Christmas day for him to work day after Christmas. Whew. I guess while we're in the area, we should go by my Dad's etc. but I haven't gotten them one single thing for Christmas. Crap. That also leaves his grandparents in Macon and my mama in Valdosta. Whoa. No IDEA how we're going to manage all this. Stupid job. I can go just whenever, but he can't manage to get off. But we're not bitter, we won't go there.


More pictures of the Christmas nature.

This is a pic of the angel and the two lady ornaments we found in the stuff his mom ditched on us this year.

This cool little ornament is another that we found in the box o' crap. I love it!

Is this not the sweetest thing? I love it very much and it's at the front center of the tree this year.

And this little one has sisters, but they are so fragile that I left them packed up. I think they were his Mema Joyce's and then his mom's and now they are ours!

And isn't she sweet? I found her too. I like her painted face and hair.

And these are some new additions to our collection o' junk. The hippo is a candle, how cool? I got it, along with tons of others, for $2 at the goodwill store! And then the little snowman is something that was packed in with the mom stuff the sent us. It is china and so dainty! I love it. Then there's the yellow bird. Do you love it?! It was $1.01 at the goodwill. It was cast in 1945 (so says the pencil inside of him. I just love these three guys. :D

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So here's the state of the craft:
I'm crankin' stuff out like a machine over here!

These are some things I've been knitting:
Camo Scarf for my little brother-

And a Mason-Dixon Scribble Scarf going to a teacher at school-

And the snail I mentioned-

A Fun Fur tree I made to give as SnB swap tonight-

And to prove that I still knit- WIPS

Branching out-

Some socks in progress-

That's 2 pair! The lighter of the two purples is some yarn I dyed for myself. It was the end of the cone that was all warped etc. SO I got to keep it! :D

And now for some of the cuteness that is my house at Christmas:

The cactus of 52+ blooms. :D We think it's dying.

And the cutest tree on Earth!!!

And the greatest stocking yet made by man-


Jeesh. Whirlwind would not even begin to describe my life. Hither, tither, and yon I have been. Or at least it feels like that. I did little of nothing all weekend, but boy howdy do I feel like I climbed Everest. We cleaned the house, I mean CLEANED the house this weekend. After Sunday, you can't tell any difference. We spent all day Sunday in house, piddling, crafting, watching movies.

I've been sewing and knitting. And dyeing. I dyed up three more skeins of yarn for the shop, one though, is short so I get to keep it. :D It's a beautiful mix of greens. I started with a school theme in mind, blue and gold, but it was more fun to keep dumping them in at the same time and see what came out of it! I was also a bit impatient. I could have let the yellow strike and then the blue after the yellow exhausted, but who DOES that? :P

Not me.

And I think I've broken the curse of the ugly stocking. I've made a new stocking for myself for the last three years running. And they all come out ugly. So. This year, with my handy new machine, I ziped one up in patchwork. SO cute. I'll have to get pictures up. I'm in such a Christmas mood today. I've been listening to Yahoo! Music's Christmas stations. It's postplanning today, no kids!!! Can you tell I'm in a great mood? I would to a hula if it weren't so blasted cold in my room. I am not keen on the heater becuase of all the candy(paper) in the heater. Afraid I'll set this place ablaze. Not sure that's a bad thing, but you know, I'll wait for a day with kids to do it so we can all go home! :P Just kidding.

OH, I've knit a snail. It has to be the cutest thing EVA. I used the top part of the Nautie pattern from Knitty and made his little shell. Then I freehanded the body. I'm so proud. And no, I can't share a pattern. I just kinda did it. I increased when it seemed like a good idea, I decreased when it looked right, I made i-cord when it felt like the thing to do. I guess I can finally say that I am a true knitter cause I pulled that entire snail out of the air. It's for the boy who has said on multiple occasions that he's a snail. I don't know why, but he is a 26 yo kid at heart. Really. He just up and says he's a snail sometimes when we're playing around and then makes this noise like he's slithering. Eww. Then we were huddled under the covers, in cave darkness, one cold day and he was suddenly a "bat snail." So after I finish sewing him up, I've got to make some bat wings too. :D

Oh and my mom's husband's name is Donald. Naturally, we all give him ducks for Christmas. Dave just got this the other day when he was saying something about Donald's duck. He's slow I swear. But I'm going to sew him a duck. I've made this pattern out of thin air too. So I'm now a real sewer (is that a word?) too. I saw one online that I liked and it's from a Japanese craft book. It would cost $30+ to buy and ship from Japan, so I am guessing how this thing goes together. I made one out of paper first, and then some scrap, and next will come some bright yellow fabric I didn't even know I had. :D Yay for being a packrat.
For your info, I am NOT procrastinating grading papers. I'm being informative. :P

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've just put up one more skein in the shop. Catch it while you can!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Update Is Up

The Fuzzy Peach Update

We've updated. Faster than expected, so it's now up there. We didn't expect to have it up until 9, but I'm a fast little bunny.

Speaking of bunny, there is a skein called Bunny Nose. :D

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holy Crappola

I am amazed. :D I (by me I mean the shop, whateva...:p) am in the Holiday Shopping Guide for Lime 'n Violet. :D YAY. That's so cool. And I love The Black Apple. Her illustrations are so pretty. And I love lots and lots of those yarn shops. hehehehe

And a side note. I'm watching tv so this is why I'm off on this. What is up(!) with the Aero Garden thing? It looks like it would make some icky, fake veggies. I have seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and just shake my head in wonder. And the next question is WHO has that much counter space? I mean really. Kitchen counters are worth their weight in gold. Never a kitchen built has had enough counter space. Never.

And another thing. I am sick of ghetto little girls with nasty attitudes. Head snappin', lip smackin', nasty nasty comments. I ask them to sit down and be quiet. You'd thought I called them some name or something. No, just sit down, shut your mouth, get to work. This is after I've asked them at least 20 times to do their work. I mean jebbus. I'm just really sick of working with kids who don't care, who won't ever be more than they are today because they just don't have the drive or anything near a goal.


And boy are they gonna be angry when they fail in a week and a half. :P

Friday, November 30, 2007

About that Update

You know, life is a funny thing. Well, in recent months, not so funny haha, but funny all the same. I know that we all talked that game about an update on the 30th, but it's the 30th. I only have 2 skiens preped at this moment. We had a cone issue, but got it fixed. Now I'm winding my little heart out at home when I get home from work. Maybe we can shoot for next weekend, if the weather holds. Last update was killed with rain (no drying!). I have some new dyes, so I'm going to try and NOT dye any oranges this time. There are still a few oranges in the shop, so orange isn't the color of the moment. :D

In knitting news, I've finished a ton!! of projects. I have finished the scribble scarf from MDK (finally), a camo scarf for my brother for Christmas (UGLY!!! Boys are weird), and other things that I can't remember. I think I've finished a new pair of socks since I've posted FOs.

I've had ADD like whoa of late because I don't want to knit anything. I want to knit EVERYTHING. :P I've started the branching out lace scarf with some yummy yarn that is a mystery to me. I got it in with a number of packages when I was swapping and sending gifts to friends and getting gifts from friends. I have NO idea who gave it to me, who dyed it, what the type of wool...nada. But boy it's pretty.

I'm knitting another pair of socks (purple, what else?) from Francis Patrick Sales on EBAY. I heart this yarn. I accidentally ordered sport weight and I don't like it as much as I like the sock/shawl fingering weight from them. I'm using up the purple because I have a skien of "bluebell" that I want to design some socks for it. I have been looking at lace patterns to try. Nothing has blown me down so far.

In the cone issue I had, I made some short skiens and dyed them up for myself. Bet you can't guess what color? Purples. I used some Dylon and used a base purple. I added navy to it for a darker, some pink for a redviolet, and mixed my own for a purpley pinky bluey. :P Those may be the next on the needles. I know, I have a problem with purples. I have lived in purple rooms in my lifetime. :D

Thanksgiving was nice, spent time with my family. My boy had to work Black Friday and the Saturday afterwards. He was not happy. 4am is not a wake-up time. It's a bedtime. :P I was very proud of myself though, I didn't eat myself sick. I ate until I was full and then stopped. I loved my aunt's chocolate poundcake. MMMM.

I think that's all I can dump from my brain at this point.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chum Cha Chum Chum Chum.....

That's right, we at The Fuzzy Peach are going to be featured on Lime N Violet's Daily Chum Blog!

*happy muppet dance*

I love me some Lime N Violet, so this couldn't be cooler. Well, maybe if LnV bought a skien a piece, that would rock. But really. COOL.

So go check out the chum, it's full of great stuff and now, us! Well, not right now. But sometime soon.
And, if you've been waiting to buy, go quick because tons o' people read that thing, so if they likes, it may be gone.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Life Takes Visa

Or Vodka. Which is it?

Things have been harried as of late. Last week was homecoming from Hades. My kids have lost their minds. And it's taking them a long time this week to find them and get them back in their heads again. Jeesh. Feels like the first week of school all over again.

But I'm living and breathing and working through it. Or rather, they are working through it. Quizes abound, holding them accountable for everything I've said. :D I'm evil, or so my kids think.

Had a kid tell me that if I didn't write up so many kids I'd be teacher of the month (teachers vote for this award). I looked at him with my eyebrow cocked and said "Does it look like I care?"

No was the obvious answer there. :P

I've been knitting like whoooa lately. I've finished a pair of socks in plain st. st. feets with 3x3 rib legs. Now I'm past the heel on a pair on a pair of double eyelet rib socks from WendyKnits! I've only been working on those a week. Talk about speed, baby! :) I'm happy with the yarn I used, doesn't make the pattern stand out, but it is beautiful to me. Like Darla to Spanky. It's spinning bunny in paintbox from Ebay. Love! It is wool tencel. mmmmm So soft and shiney.

I've been a little miffed with Blogger of late. I've tried 5 times to post to a blog I belong to for Sock A Month and it won't let me. Not even just text. Grump.

But I'm happy it's Friday. Praise be.

Monday, October 01, 2007

October Update at The Fuzzy Peach

Run, don't walk to the newest update by The Fuzzy Peach
It's October 1st and fall is upon us, even here in Georgia the temperatures are beginning to dip slightly, a welcome respite believe us. Fall also means the creation of warm handcrafted goodies is gearing up and, most importantly, The Fuzzy Peach has UPDATED! 

Yeah some believed it would never happen again, like the dinosaurs :P Yet here we are. Getting quality yarn blanks took a little longer than anticipated, so our September update got pushed. The good news is we have enough to supply a couple of updates so our next one should be on schedule barring any catastrophic events. For any of you who may have been champing at the bit to get some more yarn-y goodness or checking our shop with religious fervor we sincerely apologize for the lag. To make it up to you good people, for the first 24 hours (10-1 7pm - 10-2 7pm EST Daylight Savings) ALL our yarns will be a dollar off. Thats right, consider it more money in your wallet, a treat from the Wendy's dollar menu, or "free" shipping on that second skein. However you slice it, you're saving a little money. You could call this offer semi-exclusive since, unfortunately for us, we won't be indexed into Etsy's search pages for a "few days," so a direct visit to our store is the only way to take advantage of this discount. And as always we encourage you to tell your friends and link us in your journal/blog. 

Also, we like to have fun so for all the game-of-chance fans out there, you can now be part of the Peachy Lottery. How to play- just purchase a skein from the shop and check the ballband when you recieve your order. If you find a multicolored froggy stamp on the reverse, then its 1/2 off any one skein with your next order, yeah thats right, you heard it from the horse's mouth, 1/2 OFF. Go on and play, we haven't crunched the numbers but are pretty confident your odds of winning this lotto are far greater than hitting the Powerball, after all 11 skeins verses 54 numbers, give or take :) Anyway enough about us, follow Elberta (our banner sheep) or click on your favorite yarn to browse our new selection (you know you wanna :)
Buy Handmade

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Letter From My Day

Dear Dr. Angelou, September 13, 2007

My name is L and I am a new teacher. I would like to thank you personally for your inspiration to me. I read your autobiographical novel, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings when I was a teenager in high school. The influence of Mrs. Flowers was astoundingly powerful. I was assigned a collage depicting her and I spent hours pouring over magazines, finally settling on the one African American face I could find in a white household, Vivica Fox from a Cosmo ad. I scoured, searching for flower prints and white gloves. Today, as a teacher of English I have made the same assignment. However, my students were less moved by her than I had been.
Speaking of my students, that is the actual reason I write to you today. I have no idea if this letter will make it through your publisher to your actual flesh hands, but I write with hope. It is a thing with wings after all, so maybe I have a chance.

I wanted to tell you of my experience this August and September. I am a first year teacher, I am Caucasian, I teach in an almost entirely African American school system. The community that the school is in is predominantly native sons and also African American by a vast majority. This information is vital to understand the unique situation in which I have found myself. I taught this book to my tenth grade literature class, we read almost the entire novel, cover to cover. We talked about your experiences and the difficulties that faced young black Americans at that time in history. I spent a great deal of time discussing the historical context, taking the words out of my mouth and putting them back in Dentist Lincoln’s, the used-to-be Sherriff’s, and all his ilk. I warned them when difficult things were coming. And we read. Aloud. All of us. As a group, as a community.

Today I have been shouted down as a racist. For teaching black students a book by a black author in hopes to inspire, elevate, and educate their lives.
As an educator, as a fellow human, this pained me greatly. I cried upon hearing that almost all of my kids feel that I am racist. For reading them a novel, for bringing light and literature into their lives. For teaching.

Overall, I suppose I write to you in search of succor. In search of an understanding ear. I don’t necessarily expect any response, but I feel so strongly about this that I am seeking outlet. Today at school I was confronted by two administrators who told me of my kids’ feelings. I felt terribly singled out and unfairly used. And I guess this is going to serve as a great learning experience for me. I have never before felt so aware of the color of skin that I was in, looking into a group of brown faces that hated me, standing whitely at the front of a classroom. Perhaps I should just chalk this up to a learning experience, to knowing better next time. But I can’t because I had the most pure intentions for teaching this novel. I didn’t want to be another teacher teaching the cannon of dead white men with money. I hated that cannon when I was a student, felt it stranglingly exclusive.

As I am still reeling from this experience, I apologize if I meander. I was told not to teach your novel next semester. I’m “putting out fires” so that they do not become “forest fires.” I just wonder what my objective in the classroom is to be from here out. For these reasons, and others too numerous and confusing to name, I felt compelled to write to you today, and I thank you for your time and attention.

Most Respectfully Yours,

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Fuzzy Peach is Heating Up

From the good folks at

Get your fix on!

Hello faithful customers and fans! Never fear, like Count Dracula, we're not dead. Our hiatus and unfortunate update postponement was due in large part to the relocation of our shop, our home, new jobs, and in general. I'm sure ya'll understand. On to what you've been waiting to hear- with the unbearable heat of another Georgia summer slowly giving way, we're gearing up for a large update with some fun discounts, although the date is a little fuzzy at this point (yeah the pun was intended:). Also, we've recently procured some new tools that will greatly speed our dye process (in theory).

In the meantime, there are still a couple of skeins left to be purchased if you can't wait for the next update to get your fix. These listings won't last much longer though and once they're gone, they're gone for good (ok, ok, if they aren't sold you're bound to see them again:) So go forth and purchase!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still Alive

It's almost midterm. Lord help me! :P I'm still alive. I've had to boys raise their hand at me this week, as though to strike. Two. Not even in my class, I was covereing. I think I wrote up 15 today. Not kidding. Gave out at least 4 zeros for talking during a reading quiz. Why is it that they think they can talk through it (when I say again and again that if you talk, you are cheating, and that gets a zero!) and not get a zero?

In knitting content, I'm chevroning a scarf from my old sock yarn scraps and a sock yarn I bought off Ebay when I first started knitting. I hated it and decided I'd never make socks from it. And I'm making a pair of self-stripey socks from some Sockotta (sp?) from secret pal. It's going to be plain jane. But the chevron rocks! It's so pretty with the melting colors.

And I've joined an S n B here in Col. I've only made it to one meeting because they are on Mondays and Mondays have been rough. It's like my kids forget how to work school over the weekend. :P

I hope to get some yarn with my paycheck at the end of this week and start the Fuzzy Peach back up. I've been itching to dye some more. Maybe I can express some of my issues in yarn colors. Just hope they won't all turn out red and/or black! :P hehehe

Thanks for your kind comments and your support. I'm keeping on at this thing, I've come too far for a bunch of teenage punks to beat me now. I've won against better (and worse!). :D

Thursday, August 09, 2007

School Day Blues

Dear Lord,
Please give me strength today. Help me remember why I am here and what my purpose in life is, even if I have to do a few things outside of my normal job. Like stop fights outside my classroom door between two ex-lovers. He a large, rude, illeducated individual with a temper who has already told me to "f" myself when asking him to please pull his pants up. She a larger girl, hard to control physically, streaming tears. Lord help me remember not to strike out at these foolish children as they ruuun to the door to see what's going on and then spill into the hall, moving me physically. Lord, help me not to have a heartattack while screaming at them to sit down, shut up, and get to reading-there-is-a-quiz-when-you-walk-in-tomorrow. Lord. Help them to control their emotions as they come back in my classroom, snapping at each other, an almost start a fight in my room. And Lord, please don't let me see a day like today again for a long time.
Oh, and it's picture day. They are in the halls, being called by homeroom to go to the gym and get snapped. Teaching is futile today. The only class I accomplished even a small thing was first with my nightmare of a tenth grade class.
Lord, give me strength not to snap on my fourth block. And give them the wisdom not to try me today. I wrote two up yesterday, and I'll do the same today if need be.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Actual Knitting Content Ahead

Finished my July pair, nothing special, just k3p1 rib on the leg. My brain needed a rest and an easy project while we worked on getting real jobs and moving. :D Here they are, a prayer knit into every stitch.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Specs: 2 socks magic loop, US 1s Knitpicks classic needles
Online Supersocke in ??? can't find the ballband since the move, got the yarn from a SP on LiveJournal, thanks Amanda!
Started in June and finished on July 12

Forgive the bad pic, had to tweak the colors to let you see the socks at all. It rains all the time here, or so it would seem.

And, a secrit project for a seekrit pal. This pal doesn't know I have a blog, so I'm safe. Plus, by the time she sees it, she'll know my name. :D

A Stash Bunny!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Bunny outside

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Bunny in the stash basket

Le bunny has cedar bits inside him. So you can sit him in your stash and he'll keep the buggies away. I made him with leftover sock yarn bits and I dum dum dummm, crocheted him. :D I've gone over to the dark side, and it's not so dark. I loved making the little guy. I could see my crocheting more stuffies in the future, not so much for the knitting of them. Crochet is forgiving, you can just make it up as you go, sorta. And I just kinda made this guy up. I based him off a lion brand pattern, best bunny, but I don't follow written directions worth a crap. I looked at the pic and made it look like that, even if I didn't so much follow what the words said.

And now I'm on to another pair of socks. This time on 2s. Whoa these babies fly. I'm using the Broadripple pattern from Knitty and some yarn my SP9 sp sent me, thanks TeAntae! I know you meant it to be a scarf, I just couldn't bring myself to not make socks out of it, it's my frist Claudia Handpaints. I lOOOOve this yarn. It's sooo smooshie.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I don't think so

I just read the Yarn Harlot's blog for today and I'm very angry. I wrote both of our Senators as soon as I read the story. You should. If you don't know what I'm talking about go here and read this. I could stroke. I hope this guy gets raped some time in the future and has to describe the event as sex. And I cannot believe this. We have to edit our language because some words are too inflammatory? How can someone be accused of rape and not have this charge read in court? You can't use the word he's accused of...umm...hello!? Next thing murderes are simply going to be, I dunno, disgruntled humans who poke other humans? You know, with sharp pointy things.

So go, speak out, let them hear from you. You can no longer find the Lincoln Nebraska judicial site. It gives you a 404 not found error. Soo, it looks like folks have been hitting Mr. Judge Butthead pretty hard. I wish they'd hit him with something harder, like sense.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm it, April 9

Here is something cool, I was tagged by LaurieC

The rules: Go to Wikipedia and type in your birth month and date (mine is Sept 4th), then post 3 events, 2 births and a holiday. Then tag 5 others, I'm not much for tagging, but I pick Mrs. B and anyone else who'd like to play along. :D

193 - Septimius Severus is proclaimed Roman Emperor by the army in Illyricum (in the Balkans). [Totally thinking of Snape when I read this one!]

1413 - Henry V is crowned King of England. [Love ya Shakespeare and your Historical self! I read Henry IV and V in my Shakes II class]

2003 - 2003 invasion of Iraq: Baghdad, Iraq falls to American forces. [Thanks Dubya, we're still stuck over there]

1926 - Hugh Hefner, American editor and publisher, founder of Playboy [Yeah baby!]

1981 - Eric Harris, Columbine High School shooter (d. 1999) [I could have been this nutjob! EEK!]

Day of National Unity- (ეროვნული ერთიანობის დღე), an annual public holiday in Georgia. [Not my GA, but GA all the same :D ]


Yep. Tha's me. I'm back in the world of the connected. We've been online since sometime last week, but I've been in hiding. I guess I'm just spending my time wallowing in this nice new apt. It is a castle man. We have SOOO much more room (we've already filled it up to the brim and have a just purchased coffee table under our bed). Don't ask me how the world we lived in a studio, I can't even begin to tell you. But we're back, unpacked, and settled in.

The boy cooked some yummy salmon tonight, our first real, not a hot dog or sammich meal. :P We have eaten a LOT of Fox's pizza. We can't afford it, but we did it all the same. This not having a job thing and thereby no paycheck and no money thing is for the birds. The ones who aren't afraid to eat out of garbage cans or the gutter. :P

And The Fuzzy Peach is open again, buy it up so I can ruin our new kitchen with the dyes. :D I just can't stand to have white counter tops and a spotless floor!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Radio Darkness

Captain's Log, 6-27-2007:

As we approach the slingshot around the moon in approach to the asteroid, we will experience radio darkness, we will not have contact with either ship.

Yep, tomorrow is D-day here, we're movin' the furniture out of this apt. and moving into his mom's until the 3rd of July (we'll move into our Columbus, Ga. apt that day). We may or may not have internet for a week or two.

I may be able to get back online in the am, but consider this my last transmission.

Signing off.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finally, Some KNITTING

So I have been telling ya'll I've been knitting, but finally proof! I give you my June socks for SAM3 knit with Lorna's Laces Shep. Sock in mountain creek (a birthday gift from a friend). I did my usual toe up with magic cast on, magic loop, two socks at a time. These don't fit so well, but it could be my feet are funky in the summer. I know my hands swell in the heat, my feet may have the same reaction. I hope they fit during the winter weeks.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I sorta used this pattern, but I didn't like the diamonds after the first one I knit. And I was all nutty about the ktb marching up the front and I think it kinda looks like a skinny snake now, starting with the diamond head at the toe and going up to the cuff.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I don't like them soo much, but I hated knitting them. I love this yarn, but it's dark. Don't even think of k2tog or p2tog with this stuff, that willow green will make your eyes bleed trying to see in all but the brightest lights. I just worked with this yarn too long.

Remember that I started with the Pomatomus socks and couldn't turn the heel in this yarn, I'm just not that bright. Not right this second anyway, but I have evidence that I got that far before I ripppped right on out. This pic is terrible, the sun wasn't being nice, neither was the sock yarn/pattern/brain.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See, I can knit the stupid pattern, but I can't do the heel flap or pick up the gusset. I want these to be turned toe up by someone smarter than I am, I think Domesticat may have, but I'm not sure if that's Pom. or monkeys. Either way, I want to knit them. Yeah, it's Pomatomus.

In other news, the marathon of baby hat knits ended and I have 8 finished. I sent them out last weekish?? and I hope Sheri gets them before she goes on vacation. Here they are in all their glory, I did do individuals with Julian, but I'm too tired and covered in newsprint from packing for out move to Columbus that I just don't have it in me to edit and load those bad boys. Maybe for a future post.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Off to pack more boxes and perhaps fall asleep on a pile of newspapers.

Friday, June 22, 2007


The game is SCATTERGORIES, and it’s harder than it looks!

Here are the rules:

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They MUST be real places, names, things…NOTHING made up! If you can’t think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same 1st initial. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun!

Your Name: Lacey
1. Famous Singer/Band: Leadbelly

2. 4 letter word: Limp

3. Street: Learning Ave. (NO Joke, schools are located there in Sumter Co. I think)

4. Color: Lemon Yellow

5. Gifts/Presents: Lame, Late, Last Minute Oh, not describe them, types of: Leisure Suit, legos, linkin logs, Littlest Pet Shop

6. Vehicle: Lamborghini

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Lanyards

8. Boy Name: Lewis

9. Girl Name: Laura Lee

10. Movie Title: Lion King

11. Drink: Liquid Heroin (Ingredients: 1 part Goldschlägar, 1 part Jägermeister,
1 part Bicardi 151) [Holy Crap! You could light your breath on fire after this one!]

12. Occupation: Line Worker, Locomotive Engineer, Line Dancer, Longshoreman, Lord of the Dance

13. Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan

14. Magazine: Life

15. U.S. City: Ludowici, GA

16. Pro Sports Teams: Lakers

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Lost your keys

19. Something You Throw Away: limp lettuce

20. Things You Shout: LOSER!

21. Cartoon Character: Leanardo (Ninja Turtles, TURTLE POWER!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I was working on this long big post, and even got it posted. But the pics were too big and everythign got all wonky and then it died. So I give you this small pic of Passion (now sold) wound into a center pull ball. I think it is very sexy. :D Maybe this will give you lurkers an urge to buy from The Fuzzy Peach. The others should wind up just a sexily (not really a word, but go with me).
Get Your Sexy On!

*Blogger hates me and my photos. They keep blowing up when I blog them. GRrrr. This photo is only like 300 pix at it's largest. Rawr*

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fuzzy Update

It's live, and it could be coming to a browser near you (assuming you follow this link)
Yarns You'll Love!
that's right as advertised on Beneath the Fiber Moon by none other than lovely Jessica (episode 27) .

It's been a few weeks now since the Fuzzy Peach hit the street and we've moved some yarn. However, we, the faithful owners, are relocating to a bigger city (eek!) and we need to get this stuff out of our hands and into yours. (read: I don't want to move this yarn :P) So I'm posting the little mini guy below to show you folks out there in blogland what we have left to get your paws on.

Buy Handmade

For our customers to see our next update tenatively scheduled for August, we need to sell these skeins so that we can buy more yarn with the profits, duh. For our next endeavor we'll be using a new base yarn that will be more substantial and hold up to Soviet missle attacks and nuclear holocaust (it has nylon). Since that's a bit nicer and more hardy, we have to shell out more for the stuff. Also, when we get this sold, we may be bringing you some cool promotions in the next update. Perhaps some discounts, perhaps some freebies. Freebies are goooood. :D

And to soothe your soul about the purchase, just think, I'm going to be a teacher (high school) so every dollar you spend here supports education! I realize that it probably isn't in your community, but still, it supports education (rationalize). And for the handfull that may be holding out for that "going out of business" fire sale, not gonna happen because I'll knit it up myself! :P

Remember if you love us, blog us!

Newsy News

So I have had some wondermus news for a while, but never had the time to post here, not really.

I have a job for next year, I'll be teaching in Talbot County at the high school. :D And, we have a two bedroom apt. on hold for us to move in on July 5th. And, today the boy got a call from Aflac to do a preemployment screening thing. You know, pee in a cup, do computer tests, see if he's nutzo. So the world is looking up for now. :D I'm very happy and things are just coming together. We're buying furniture like mad trying to fill the new apt. (the living room alone is almost the same size of the entire apt we live in now: just about 1 ft. shorter and 5 ft. skinner). We bought a king sized bed today and it has one seXy headboard. It's like from the 60's or 70's, it reminds me of the kind of bed my Granny and Papa had, except a little tackier. hehe

And so I am packing, not knitting. I knit 8 baby hats for the Loopy Ewe's Q2 challenge and sent them off this am. I also finished my moutain creek socks. I hated knitting them. I think I worked with that yarn for too long, trying too many different patterns. Finally, I found one that was ok but by the end of the thing it looked nothing like the pattern, I just used a few of the pattern elements and repeated them a bunch of times. I am also working on a next pair of socks, this in On Linie (??) in a very springy color. They are pretty, but due to short time and poor lighting, I cut the yarn in the wrong spot so they are two totally different socks. Ah, well. Can't have exact twins each time. I was going to frog and try to start over with the same repeat, but I'm not so sure I'll have enough yarn, it said it was 100g which is usually enough, but I dunno. Don't always trust what I read on ballbands that are printed in different languages. :P

Other than that, things are just about packing, cleaning, painting, sanding, panicing about getting out of here the 30th and not being able to move in there until the 5th of July. We have to move to his mom's for a week. :/ I'd rather just move once and be done with this mess.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Example Sock

Mrs. B suggested that I knit up a sock to show how looovely my colors are, and I was waay ahead of her. I turned these babies out last week (ignore the one with the ugly color changes at the top, I ran out of my yarn and had to sub this really multi-color, tried to cut the ugly out, but I got tired) and they are so just the thing for my bear, Julian. He rocks these socks folks!
Handdyed Sock Yarns at The Fuzzy Peach Work it! :P

And here is a zoom version. Handdyed Sock Yarns at The Fuzzy Peach I cut most of the ugly out of this picture so you can't see the orange, brown, and purple that I bound off with! :D Like I said, I got very tired, these are some small socks. I had only a 9g skein (like my heel or toe skeins) and managed to get one full baby sock and one baby sock up to the end of the heel. I had to pick up the new yarn after I had all my heel stitches done. I would assume that a tiny skein would work a full set of grown up toes or heels.

And I have to tell you, even though I have a stake in these yarns, I loved working with it. It was soft and sqoooshy. And it knit up into a nice fabric on size 1s (US) and I had a ball making such tiny little socks.

As you can see, the colors just blend and flow together in such a beautiful way. :D I think that this would be the way that Passion and Shades of Kermit would knit up, esp. Shades of Kermit because the colors are all in the same family. Passion is going to have some red punches in the darker background. It's the one I most want to keep for myself and knit into some cool socks. :D

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yep, that's me. Coughy, sneezy, about an inch from death. Or at least that's how I've been feeling since Monday. Lower than a worm's belly. I'm thinking it has something to do with being in my mom's house all last weekend (she smokes!) and then seeing her friend who was also sick. I think I got her mega virus thing. I wish I could give mine away now. If you want a nasty little cold bug, got one, cheap!

In other news, The Fuzzy Peach opened on Friday, selling three skeins in less than 10 hours. I thought it was a great sign of quick sells to come. No such luck. Rawr. I really would like this stuff to sell, I need the cash flow, plus...the longer it sits in my house, the more it's likely not to ever leave. The stash has been eyeing it greedily and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it from consuming all 7 skeins that are left.

And you wanna know what's better than silk yarn on a 75% sale? Cream cheese stuffed croissants. MMMMM. The Atlanta Bread company (and I'm sure Panera and the likes) sell them, and I've only had one recently. I loved it to death and wanted more (the closest one is like an hour and a half away) so I decided to make my own.

What you need:
Croissants in a can (a la the dough boy)
1 bar of cream cheese softened (Philly baby!)
1/2 cup sugar (pure bliss)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2-3 tabs melted (liquid) butter (I just eyeball this stuff folks!)
Basting Brush thingy
Rolling Pin
Flat surface to roll on

To Make:
Preheat the oven like the package says.
Blend softened cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla in small bowl.
Take your croissants and separate them out, I roll mine flatter and wider than they come. Fill the center and a little down the legs of the croissant with the cream cheese yumminess. Roll that puppy up and place it on the pan. (You may want to PAM the pan first) I try cutting little slits in the top to give the filling a place to go, but it's easier said than done most times. When you have them all filled and rolled up, brush them with the melted butter. Then bake according to the little can.

YOU MUST WAIT TO EAT THESE. Cream cheese that's been in a 375 degree oven for 11 minutes is hotter than all fourty hell, ask me how I know. :D

My boyfriend says they'd be good with some cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on the top before the butter goes on, but I can't ever remember it!

I suggested the little bit down the legs of the croissant because if you don't you get these puffy little croissant pieces with no cream cheese, now who wants to eat that? :P Also, note...I have NO idea how to roll these suckers up to make them look right, I just wrap the dough around the blob in the middle and hope for the best!

Good luck and Enjoy!

Don't forget to shop THE FUZZY PEACH! You knowww you NEED more sock yarn...muuhahahahaha. :P

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Green Knickers

I wound up here through a number of different blogs, beginning with Soule Mama ->No Impact Man ->The Compact ->Comment on a post. Anyway, this site sells nice panties. Nice in that they don't kill the environment, hurt their laborers, rip off the producers, you know, nice.

And while I'm all for this, these panties are a bit strange. :D Click the link and see what I mean.
The first row, Sensual Nature, is interesting. The one that changes to cover the Earth in water is the one that kills me. I'm all for this place and environmentalists and communes and save a tree, but I don't know that I'd wear panties that said Global Warming across the sides. Maybe I'm just strange. But they are cute panties and they are funny (Eat organic on panties sends a very naughty message!).

Anyway, random rant/comment on random item. :D Enjoy your week.

And don't forget about my Etsy store. Only three skeins sold so far, so your favorite may still be avaliable. :D

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Fuzzy Peach is Live

We're up and running! I began posting at 12am and have finished, so they are ready for your purchase. Everything is up. I know it's like waiting for Christmas morning, so sneak out of bed early and peek. Dig in and enjoy.

The Fuzzy Peach

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tease Me

I managed to get everything photographed and ready early, so you get two days to drool instead of just one! I love these yarns so much, it's really hard to let go.
All our initial offerings (below) are fingering weight sock yarns. The goal length for the skeins was 440yds, your mileage may vary as this was done by humans on a niddy noddy.

This is the softcore set, you'll have to wait for the full frontals when the store opens on Friday. :D

On to the yarn p0rn.

Sea and Sky
The Fuzzy Peach
I wound this one into a tiny skein, trying to break up the colors and give you an idea of how it might look knit up. As I used a wooden cutting board, this was quickly abandoned as a BAD idea. :P The yarn is perfectly fine, just a little smaller in skein than the others.

Sunburst - SOLD
The Fuzzy Peach
This yarn comes with a mini-skein of bright pink. Use it for toes or heels. This is a free gift to you, using up my leftovers after the big skeins were wound up.

Shades of Kermit
The Fuzzy Peach
One of my personal faves, I want this one to pet and look at all day. This is a bit brighter, more vivid in person. The sun was not my friend today.

Sea Monkey - SOLD
The Fuzzy Peach
Bright blue with a splash of brown. I've seen these colors combined all over the Internet, and decided to capture it here, in this sock yarn.

Passion - SOLD
The Fuzzy Peach
This is a unique yarn that has deep, rich colors. From bright red to a purpled black, this one captures all those "loving feelings."

Sea Turtle - SOLD
The Fuzzy Peach
"Aye, sea turtles." 'Nuf said.

The Fuzzy Peach
This one is named for a guy who went to my high school. His brother was Lemonjello (okay, so this maaay be an urban legend, who knows?). This one also comes with the free heel or toe accent color.

1969 - SOLD
The Fuzzy Peach
Think, or remember, tie-dye T-shirts. Comes with a free mini heel/toe skein. Groovy, baby.

Lisa Frank
The Fuzzy Peach
This skein is difficult to photograph well. It reminded me of those stickers I was obsessed with when I was twelve. I LOVED this woman's stickers, and these colors play heavily in those creations. I probably put the CEO's kids through school, off of my allowance. :)

Berry Sophisticated
The Fuzzy Peach
For those of us with exceptional taste and high style. :D This skein is my favorite of the lot. This skein has extra yardage (113 g), human error to your favor!

Remember to stop by the shop on Friday to buy your favorite skeins! Also, get your two free stitch markers with each skein of yarn, this is exclusive to the shop opening. Thanks for looking, tell your friends, blog us, podcast us, sky write us, graffiti us, advertise us, and most importantly, BUY: you know everyone NEEDS more sock yarn.

And, Sock Yarn DOESN'T count as stash!

Monday, May 14, 2007


The Fuzzy Peach

You can now (by now I mean on Friday) find hand-painted sock yarn dyed in the Deep South by yours truly. I've been working up to this since Feb, and have just now put all my ducks in a row.

Well, they've been in the water awhile, but they've been helter skelter for a few weeks. I've got a few mini-skeins to twist up (beef up the original skeins), and then Friday, all hades will break loose when I let the shop go live. :D

Follow the link to see the empty store. For a preview of yarns, check out this blog on Thursday.

Exclusive to the first shop update, get two free stitch markers to match or coordinate with your yarn! First come, first served! I've been saving up these hand-made stitch markers for months for this very occasion. :D

Wish me Luck!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tag, I'm it

LaurieC tagged me on her blog so here goes. . .

Here's how it goes. . .each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others & list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you tag a note in their comments letting them know they have been tagged & to read your blog. So here it goes!

I'm only gonna tag two, the Knitorious Mrs. B and TeAntae. Those are the only two bloggers I know well enough to pass this blight on to. :P

1. I don't like onions, tomatoes, olives, and many other things that are fresh and good for you. I've only recently gotten to where I can stand squash, if cooked on way with some Zuchinni (sp?). This has always been a rough row to hoe 'cause I live in the South, and there's nothing a real Southerner loves more than a good pan of squash and onions, tomatoes and okra, and many other things that have that mess in them. My Aunt Jean makes a killer pea salad or something, it has onions, tomatoes, and all manner of other crunchy stuff that makes my tounge run and hide!

2. I don't like my hands to be dirty. I wash them in the dishwater over and over again while I cook or bake. If I get egg on me, into the water. Anything sticky, I'm going to wash then too.

3. I can hear all sorts of sounds others block out or can't hear. My boyfriend says I can hear things before they start, like things that I know get on my nerves. I hate small, repetitive, or "just within hearing range" sounds. I also hate the train whistle that the train yard behind our house uses. It's not one of those full blast horns. It's a halfassed thing that kinda whooshes. Since it's different from what you expect, it wakes me up.

4. I have moved probably 20 times in my lifetime, often back and forth from the same two cities. I went to 2 elem. schools, 2 middle schools, but only one high school.

5. I always mispronounce paradigm. I almost always say para-di-gum. Not even gonna play like I know why I do that.

6. I cannot stand to eat on real plates, you know...anything other than paper. The sound that a knife or fork makes when it screeches across the plate makes my brain squiggle and my teeth ache. It's the sound I cannot stand the most. It's totally my nails on a chalkboard. Although that sound freaks me out too.

7. I don't like to write in pencil. I've been taking notes in pen since high school. I almost always had to borrow a pencil for Biology, Chem, or math classes. I just don't like them. And if I do write with a pencil, I want the point sharp enough to etch glass. And I prefer mechanical pencils because I break the points on the real ones because I write so hard.

So those are seven random facts about me. If you would like to do this on your blog, feel free. I'm not one to tag others because I don't want you to feel like you have to do something. :D

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there, esp. mine. She reads this blog sometimes. Love you Mama, thanks for all you do! :D See you next Friday when you sign your life away to that man you say you love. :P

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crock o' crap

Wow. I have hated those rubber clog things that have been sewn to the bottoms of people since they first came out. I find them ugly and cannot imagine wearing them myself. And now, I have extra reason to stay the hell away from them. I know I'm not a kid and I don't have kids, but I wouldn't support a company that hasn't looked into the root cause of this problem. Visit this blog and see the pictures of the damage done while kids were wearing these shoes.

Keep your kids and their toes out of crocs and away from escalators. EEP!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Fuzzy Peach

I spent last Saturday dyeing sock yarn. :D I'm going to open an Etsy store, The Fuzzy Peach, and begin peddling my wares. I love almost every colorway so much that I'm loathe to give them up for sale! They are almost dry now and need to be reskeined before I can photograph them and put them up in the shop. A preview of the color names (no pictures as of yet) 1969, sea monkey, berry sophisticated, Lisa Frank, sea turtle, sunburst, and there are a few more that I can't remember off of the top of my head.

The boy and I hope that they sell well, we plan to offer free shipping and be up within a week or so. If these sale well, I'll buy more blank yarn and get the dye pots back out.

Stay tuned for the shop openning and for your chance to purchase some of our fine, Southern yarnage. :P

*is muy excited!*

ETA: The shop will be The Fuzzy Peach. Lost my mind there. 'doh!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Avoiding Knitting

This is going to be a big ole' post about NOT knitting. I've not done anything exciting as of late, so this is not going to be about any FOs, etc. Like I'm a knitting blogger! Pashaw!

I've been meaning to post this stuff, since Easter and my birthday, but yeah. teh Lazy.

So here are the birthday cupcakes I made fo' mysef. They are just plain yellow (dyed a pinky purple on the inside, yay Wilton's!) with caramel icing. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket They were yummy but didn't last long. That kinda sucked. :(

And here's what the boy got me this year. I still have to go and get the ring sized though. I keep forgetting. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket He's a sneak, he bought it while we were at my mom's for Easter, right under my nose! We split up in the mall and he managed to get it, hide it in the car, and keep it hidden until my birthday! What a sneaker!

And I got me some yarn for my birthday.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket That's lorna's laces on the left, Mountain creek, currently being knit up into Pomatomus socks. Then yarn pirate in Paris (destash blog) and Rosie (the loopy ewe). I love me some YP now. :D I can't wait to knit them up. I also got some FrancisPatrickSales sock yarn from Ebay in Mountain Bluebells *no pics* and some Sweet Georgia in Slayer. :D Those were all over the last month, not all just for my birthday. :D

And the Easter egg pic! I had a madd photo shoot with our eggs, but decided since it was almost a month ago, I'd just post my fave. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And on the way to Valdosta to see my mom for Easter, we found out what John Arbuckle (Garfield's owner) does for a living, his real job. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket He sells furniture! :P

As you can see, I'm avoiding discussing what's on my needles. I'm not too happy with anything (shawl) and my socks are still tiny (nothin' to show). I have an FO, but it's dark and I've got no pics to show there either. :D

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Partial Sight

I love this guy's photoblog. He has the funniest captions. I found him through Claudia's blog one day, and have loved the pictures ever since.

Enjoy Gowarth.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Wow. I live with tons o' crap in my house. My mom has tons o' stuff too. It's genetic. Dave can't throw anything away, so I clean out stuff when he's not home. But my GOD man, we are NOWHERE near as bad as these guys were.

Check this link.

Read that story and then think about the crap you keep just cause.

Oh, and the 100 oranges to bring back eyesight, what a loon! :P

Oogie Weather etc.

We're under yet another tornado warning dobob. I'm very tired of bad weather, we need rain. Not wind, just rain. Mmmmkaythanks.

In other news, I've begun the Cookie A. socks, Pomotamus socks, two at a time, magic loop, cuff down. And I am lovin' it. bahh dah dap dah dahh I'm lovin' it

And I'm still slowly working on that horrid shawl. It's beautiful, just boring. Knit all until you YO at the end and beginning of every other row.

Snooze. Wake me when it's time to bind off.

I think I've found that socks make me happy and make my needles happy too. They just have a way of knitting up like whoa fast. I think it's like speed for knitters. Socks = love. I was trying to be all into this shawl thing and knit it up before I started any socks, I was not doing well mentally. The brain health wasn't much above avacado. I realized that I was not in love with the shawl when we drove for 45 mins to the next habitable town over (it has a mall and a Hobby Lobby) and only in the last 15 mins of the ride did I bother to pull out my knitting. The rest of that time I was just sitting there, watching the burnt up pines flick by. Not really doing anything but sitting there.

I know, what's up with that? I never just sit still anymore, I'm always knitting or futzing with something. Not this time, just sat there talking to Dave about how dumb the person who has burned the pines off was a fool. And about how he scared the pure hell out of me while driving. I hate letting him drive my car, but if I don't let him drive, I can't knit. You see the problem there. :P

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Check out the photo in the link. It is a real photo of a hillside in California. Can you imagine walking into that much beauty? I bet it would feel like walking into a Monet painting. :D Spread the joy with this one guys.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pictureless Update

I've been knitting a lot, but not much to show as far as pictures go.

I finished the bubble wrap socks, and they don't fit. I knit the foot too long (trying to get the repeat to the right point, paranoid they weren't long enough yet)and they feel foolish on my feet. I'm going to have to give them to someone with larger feet than myself. I know only smaller footed folks, so they may have to marinate.

I'm knitting a shawl from some fine merino dyed by the marvo people at Mystical Creations Yarns. The yarn is to DIE for beautiful and I'm using a simple pattern from One Skein Wonders where you started with 2 stitches and do a 2 yo increase each round (one on either end) every other knit row. I was wanting to do a real lace shawl, but all of the patterns I found called for at least 400 more yards than I have (600ish I think) and all of the lace scarves called for less that 300, mostly 250. SO, I said screw it, I'm going to make this one and I will just knit until I run out of yarn.

And then I realized how BORING garter stitch is.

So I'm thinking that I might do a panel or a strip rather of a lace design. No real idea what I'd like to stick in there, something simple I think, nothing too fancy. Just a little something to give it some visual and creative interest. Seriously, if I just keep knitting until it's done, I may kill someone or something. Rawr. :P Again, I'm in it for the process and the process of knitting every single stitch isn't of much interest at this point. I got over that when I went on my scarf kick with froofy yarns and plastic needles.

Look out for ranting posts about how hard it is to wing lace. I'm sure they will occur and I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I think I'm 'lergic to wool.


Isn't that fun? I've been working on a very simple shawl with some BEAUTIFUL hand painted fingering weight wool from Mystical Creations Yarns (mecca baby, color wonderful!) and my face has gotten crazy on me. It keeps itching on one side and has broken out and my nose goes nuttso when I knit with it. I'm very afraid that I'm allergic to this wool, maybe all wool. Damn.

But I'm going to soldier on because this is too pretty to stop working on. Maybe if I hold it farther away from my face and nose things will get better.

And, how much does it suck about the shootings at VT? I have a livejournal friend who goes there, thank God she doesn't live on campus or have class on Mondays. If it had been tomorrow, Tuesday, her bf would have been in the classroom that the freak shot up. Talk about close calls! My heart goes out to all of them, students, teachers, parents and friends of those lost. And what a punk, killed himself instead of facing the music. Bastard.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I was in the Waycross mall this past week while going to pick up the boy and saw this display in a dept. store.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Notice that it is a nice display of housewares, bath towels, yadda yadda yadda. What do you think I saw?

Can you spot what I spotted from about 20 feet off and had to go touch?

That's right, knitting takes over your life.

This is what I saw. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sorry for the crummy pic, but the lighting in dept. stores is always bad. That's right, I looked over, saw this prop basket of yarn and then reached in to pick them up. They seemed to be real enough, but I didn't look too closely as an assoc. was walking up about that time. The flashes had drawn them. :) Then I wondered if they sold yarn and got excited before I stopped long enough to think. NO, it's a PROP! Duh. I felt very foolish.

Car Wash and More

I mentioned in the last post that I was recently in a car wash. And I love them. !!! LOVE.

We stopped for gas on our way out of Albany coming home and I decided that a car wash would be just the thing. Our friend Chels was with us so we were three in the car and we got the expensive wash, with the tri-color bubbles and the whole works.

So we went through the wash and I couldn't drive into it so Chels took the wheel. We went through and noticed that it didn't seem like it was the deluxe wash like I'd paid for. We didn't think that the suds looked very colorful. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket But we saw this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket It was much fun to watch it go over the car. And we had a casualty. My little sunshine do-bob that lived on my radio antenna was lost.

When we went to drive out we realized that the dryers didn't come on and I knew then that something was afoot. We drove around to the front of the store and I went in to complain and the lady gave us a free wash. I thanked her and got back in the car to explain the problem.

The stupid pay at the pump thing gives you a base wash code, not a deluxe. There was a car in the wash when we went back through so we had to wait.

So back through we went. But before we went in again, Chels slithered out of the driver's door (parked too close so to enter the code) and rescued my little sunshine from deep inside the dripping car wash. Very Private Ryan and very dangerous. :P

And this time we had colored, scented suds. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket You can't smell it from the picture, but it was very pineappley. :D

Then I had a very sparkly car. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Which didn't even last as long as the ride home because of all the blasted pollen. I hates pollen.

Now for the more portion of this post.
Some flowers my love gave me just 'cause. :D We found them on a trip to Albany.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A very ugly hat we almost bought from Ross, a discount clothing store. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And the newest socks to be finished. A pair of leftover socks with the Mema yarn from the feather and fan socks below. I used some lorna's laces to fill in the foot so that I could use only the nice yarn on the leg. I still have leftovers. Wouldn't have had enough for the whole sock, but still could have used less of the other yarn on the foot. This is what being paranoid gets you. First pair finished in April. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm now working on a pair of socks out of the plain lorna's laces with a bubble wrap pattern, very cute. No pics now because it's very boring as it's no more than a few foot inches.

Finally some new yarns. I was without the boy this past week and was very sad. I needed love so I bought yarn, yarn always = love. :P I managed to snag the red, blue, white yarn pirate (rosie maybe) from the Loopy Ewe during their last update. The other yp (paris) I got from Destash and the Lorna's Laces (Mountain Creek) came as an early birthday present from my cousin. He loves me and knows to just stand back and let me put things in his eBay account and then pick from that. :D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That's all for now. I may post later about a sighting I had this past week.