Saturday, June 16, 2007

Newsy News

So I have had some wondermus news for a while, but never had the time to post here, not really.

I have a job for next year, I'll be teaching in Talbot County at the high school. :D And, we have a two bedroom apt. on hold for us to move in on July 5th. And, today the boy got a call from Aflac to do a preemployment screening thing. You know, pee in a cup, do computer tests, see if he's nutzo. So the world is looking up for now. :D I'm very happy and things are just coming together. We're buying furniture like mad trying to fill the new apt. (the living room alone is almost the same size of the entire apt we live in now: just about 1 ft. shorter and 5 ft. skinner). We bought a king sized bed today and it has one seXy headboard. It's like from the 60's or 70's, it reminds me of the kind of bed my Granny and Papa had, except a little tackier. hehe

And so I am packing, not knitting. I knit 8 baby hats for the Loopy Ewe's Q2 challenge and sent them off this am. I also finished my moutain creek socks. I hated knitting them. I think I worked with that yarn for too long, trying too many different patterns. Finally, I found one that was ok but by the end of the thing it looked nothing like the pattern, I just used a few of the pattern elements and repeated them a bunch of times. I am also working on a next pair of socks, this in On Linie (??) in a very springy color. They are pretty, but due to short time and poor lighting, I cut the yarn in the wrong spot so they are two totally different socks. Ah, well. Can't have exact twins each time. I was going to frog and try to start over with the same repeat, but I'm not so sure I'll have enough yarn, it said it was 100g which is usually enough, but I dunno. Don't always trust what I read on ballbands that are printed in different languages. :P

Other than that, things are just about packing, cleaning, painting, sanding, panicing about getting out of here the 30th and not being able to move in there until the 5th of July. We have to move to his mom's for a week. :/ I'd rather just move once and be done with this mess.

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