Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oogie Weather etc.

We're under yet another tornado warning dobob. I'm very tired of bad weather, we need rain. Not wind, just rain. Mmmmkaythanks.

In other news, I've begun the Cookie A. socks, Pomotamus socks, two at a time, magic loop, cuff down. And I am lovin' it. bahh dah dap dah dahh I'm lovin' it

And I'm still slowly working on that horrid shawl. It's beautiful, just boring. Knit all until you YO at the end and beginning of every other row.

Snooze. Wake me when it's time to bind off.

I think I've found that socks make me happy and make my needles happy too. They just have a way of knitting up like whoa fast. I think it's like speed for knitters. Socks = love. I was trying to be all into this shawl thing and knit it up before I started any socks, I was not doing well mentally. The brain health wasn't much above avacado. I realized that I was not in love with the shawl when we drove for 45 mins to the next habitable town over (it has a mall and a Hobby Lobby) and only in the last 15 mins of the ride did I bother to pull out my knitting. The rest of that time I was just sitting there, watching the burnt up pines flick by. Not really doing anything but sitting there.

I know, what's up with that? I never just sit still anymore, I'm always knitting or futzing with something. Not this time, just sat there talking to Dave about how dumb the person who has burned the pines off was a fool. And about how he scared the pure hell out of me while driving. I hate letting him drive my car, but if I don't let him drive, I can't knit. You see the problem there. :P

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