Monday, April 16, 2007


I think I'm 'lergic to wool.


Isn't that fun? I've been working on a very simple shawl with some BEAUTIFUL hand painted fingering weight wool from Mystical Creations Yarns (mecca baby, color wonderful!) and my face has gotten crazy on me. It keeps itching on one side and has broken out and my nose goes nuttso when I knit with it. I'm very afraid that I'm allergic to this wool, maybe all wool. Damn.

But I'm going to soldier on because this is too pretty to stop working on. Maybe if I hold it farther away from my face and nose things will get better.

And, how much does it suck about the shootings at VT? I have a livejournal friend who goes there, thank God she doesn't live on campus or have class on Mondays. If it had been tomorrow, Tuesday, her bf would have been in the classroom that the freak shot up. Talk about close calls! My heart goes out to all of them, students, teachers, parents and friends of those lost. And what a punk, killed himself instead of facing the music. Bastard.

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