Thursday, August 09, 2007

School Day Blues

Dear Lord,
Please give me strength today. Help me remember why I am here and what my purpose in life is, even if I have to do a few things outside of my normal job. Like stop fights outside my classroom door between two ex-lovers. He a large, rude, illeducated individual with a temper who has already told me to "f" myself when asking him to please pull his pants up. She a larger girl, hard to control physically, streaming tears. Lord help me remember not to strike out at these foolish children as they ruuun to the door to see what's going on and then spill into the hall, moving me physically. Lord, help me not to have a heartattack while screaming at them to sit down, shut up, and get to reading-there-is-a-quiz-when-you-walk-in-tomorrow. Lord. Help them to control their emotions as they come back in my classroom, snapping at each other, an almost start a fight in my room. And Lord, please don't let me see a day like today again for a long time.
Oh, and it's picture day. They are in the halls, being called by homeroom to go to the gym and get snapped. Teaching is futile today. The only class I accomplished even a small thing was first with my nightmare of a tenth grade class.
Lord, give me strength not to snap on my fourth block. And give them the wisdom not to try me today. I wrote two up yesterday, and I'll do the same today if need be.


CeElle said...

Is it true that your day was as reflected here? If so, Lacey, I WILL keep you in my prayers. Yes, He has a purpose for you! If your class frustrates you ~ remember that you are making a difference in one of their lives. Even that single one is huge. You can do this! Hang in there and reach for His guidance, Lacey!

In my prayers.


I feels for ya, kiddo! Having a sense of humor about the rotten side of teaching might help...have you considered how lucky you are that these two chuckleheads AREN'T YOUR OWN CHILDREN??? There, feel better now, doncha?



Hope all is well with you! Miss your posts and hoping that things are better for you these days!

Anonymous said...

we are all worried about you - hurry back!