Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm very tired of irrationally whinny people. Take all those nuts over on WendyKnits! blog....all in a stir because of Knit from your Stash. They seem to think that Wendy controls the knitting world and will have us all programmed to ignore all LYS for 9 whole months and put the biz out of biz. PUH-lease! As a general rule of thumb, see Lime and Violet for proof, knitters cannot NOT buy yarn. It's like hardwired into us, we need it. It's like a drug, a friggin' fix. So I don't wanna here some uppity whining LYS owner bitch about her/his yarn sales dropping through the floor because we're all gonna knit on the yarn we ALREADY bought from them. And per Wendy, "SOCK YARN DOESN"T COUNT." Neither, my panicked LYS owner, does ROVING. Now, if you cannot sell enough other stuff to OTHER knitters and keep afloat, you shoulda cut that novelty yarn section a LONG time ago Bub. Really, now. If she would have out and out said, knitters, pool all of your yarn money and donate it to a good and worthy cause that is helping to fight cancer, cure aids, and feed the hungry, would they have come out against that???!! HELL NO!

So I ask, really, why get in a snit over a small (compared to the population of China) 200-300 [is stretching this] knitters stop buying hoards of yarn? Who cares!?? Yeah, you won't be able to feast daily or to leave the lights on all night and not care. Big fat, hairy, deal. I seriously doubt that the yarn industry as we know it will topple from this one decision to knit with the yarn they have already paid a mint for. I see Tilly Thomas and all their fat cat friends, along with the piddly indies like Pippie and the Loopy Ewe, with the tiny one horse shows on Etsy and Ebay, all going down the crapper. Really, I do. It's like clear as broken crystal, shattered on the floor of this delusion these folks have. GET A GRIP!!!!


The knit goes on...

Monday, December 18, 2006

So now on to Christmas in my town. Well, this is a post for a contest for SP9...Tacky Christmas Lights. I cannot imagine who would have anything worse than these, but God help them if they are out there.

First, a house to prove that Southerners aren't all tacky and that we can do it right for the most part.

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This house is nice, a few lights, a lit tree in the window. Tasteful.

I give you: Willet Way Wonderland. It's the street name, except for the Wonderland part, and they even have signs that they had made to lead you off the big road down through the neighborhood. Although signs are a bit too much because you can see the glow from SPACE!
At the stop sign, facing the "wonderland."
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House number one

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Number 2

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Number 3

Looking down the street from yard one.
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And now for some closeups to give you an idea of how godawful.

Nascar fans you think?
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Homer and pals
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Blow ups, for days...
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Penguin corner
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And for the kiddies, all their fave cartoon characters
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Oh, also for the kiddies, a real live santa. Get out and go sit on his lap.
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You know you have TOO many lights when you rope them off [with more lights, naturally] and then put up signs warning ppl of the danger of entering the yard.
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Merry Christmas to All.

And to all, a BRIGHT night. :P
So this will be a photoheavy post. Sorry. Must do it for many reasons. This is going to be the Christmas post. I will post more heavypic posts later too, soooo...I'm gonna be a pic blog for a few days. :D

Christmas at my house...
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Our little grapevine tree that stays up all year. We did deco. for all the seasons and holidays, but that got old after 2 yrs. I have a great set of purple balls painted with Mardi Gras masks that I handpainted. I love them, but we could never remember when Mardi Gras was so it became too much like work.

Here are a few close ups of the ornaments... I am not a little girl, just have the heart of one. And no, it does NOT sit in a jar on my desk.
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A set of glass flamingo ornaments came from someone last year, in homage to my obsessionette. [The ette is because it's only a small obsession] They have Santa hats on ^.^

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The ornament I had to have from his mom last year. I put in for it when we went Christmas shopping.

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And my grad gift from my aunt, to remind me each year at this time of my commitment to the profession. And my commitment to the home...I'm sure it's gonna happen any day...Millegville here I come. :P

And in the oven, constantly.
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My g-men. Except they aren't trying to catch me at the still. Dave and I love these suckers, they come all flat on a sheet and you cut them out yourself. How much fun?! You get to skip all that hassle of actually mixing the crap up. And you have to wash like 4 dishes.

So far, that's about the only Christmas going on here. We went to Cordele yesterday and had Christmas with his Stepdad's people and my Dad at his house. It was sad at the Stepd's because the matron died this summer, Nothermom. She was the grandmother and everyone used to try and make it for her sake. This year, without her, there were fewer than 20 people. Usually, it's like 25-35 people in that one house. Whole families skipped this year. It was sad. And we all knew that this would be the last because the oldest child, Janet, the one who organizes this and has it at her house, is getting rather old. Her husband has Alztimers and isn't doing so well, so this was a last time deal. Oh, and one of the siblings is movin to be closer to her kids, and after that, she won't be able to make it anymore. Oh well, I guess I have no regrets, let them all feel like butt after it's all over.
We had a really good time and it seems sad that I won't be going there for Christmas anymore. I guess it would have ended once we went to Savannah, but's like the end of an era. Que sera.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ok, so I have one question...WHY?

Visit these two links and explain to me the purpose of each item.

Tampon Doll


Used Tissues

I simply CANNOT imagine why in the hell one would spend money on these things.

*shakes head*

Monday, December 11, 2006

That last post should have been posted Saturday afternoon, but well...I didn't do it. I didn't do much after graduation. I went out to eat at Roman Oven (THE bestest pizza place EVA) with my mom, brother, Donald (the step-dad-boyfriend), Dave (My boyfriend), and Cal, Dave's bestfriend and my cousin. We at largely and roundly. :D Then Cal came back to our place and we hung out. Well, I crashed and slept for like 2 hrs and they hung out but yeah. Then when I got up we all went to Waffle House and ate. MMM. I saw 3 of my students there. And then today I saw a student. WTF? At least now I don't have to deal with them in class AND in public.

But the fiber-related thing about grad, I got sock yarn from Cal for grad. :D I told him what to buy on eBay and he picked out some for me. YAY! I have 2 skiens of Lorna's Laces, Shepherd sock in Watercolors. And then a mega hank of some independent sock dyer on eBay. I love them both and will post pics on a diff. day.

I'm slogging away through a mdk washers for a swap. I love the pattern and all, but I feel like I HAVE to knit this and it is really bugging me. I Dunne why, but it is. I also am knitting a pig shaped pot holder for his meme for Christmas. I'm gone stuff it and let it ride as a toy. I don't want to knit it either. I am not really sure what my issue is right now. I just don't want to be knitting any of the stuff I'm working on right now. I have 2 socks that I'm magic looping (first time! ) and I guess that's what I really want to be working on. I guess I'm an addictive person cause I was totally wrapped up in Midas awhile ago, and now I'm all socks. Then I'll get socked out and be ready to be addicted to something else. *shrug*

Off to knit more mdk. grump grump grump
May I please have your attention:


I is a collage graduit.

Thank you. That is all.

We now return you to your previously scheduled blog programming.