Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Green Knickers

I wound up here through a number of different blogs, beginning with Soule Mama ->No Impact Man ->The Compact ->Comment on a post. Anyway, this site sells nice panties. Nice in that they don't kill the environment, hurt their laborers, rip off the producers, you know, nice.

And while I'm all for this, these panties are a bit strange. :D Click the link and see what I mean. http://www.greenknickers.org/Knickers/OtherKnickers.html
The first row, Sensual Nature, is interesting. The one that changes to cover the Earth in water is the one that kills me. I'm all for this place and environmentalists and communes and save a tree, but I don't know that I'd wear panties that said Global Warming across the sides. Maybe I'm just strange. But they are cute panties and they are funny (Eat organic on panties sends a very naughty message!).

Anyway, random rant/comment on random item. :D Enjoy your week.

And don't forget about my Etsy store. Only three skeins sold so far, so your favorite may still be avaliable. :D

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