Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who needs November?

Not me. :P

So yeah...quiet around here. I've been enjoying my job and my life and my boyfriend. We've been trying to fit as much down time between his job as we can. But, this weekend, he's off Saturday AND Sunday. I'm going to die from shock.

I've been knitting TONS. About 20 scarves for the ladies in my office. Each one different. 3 more went to the ladies I went to San Antonio with (yeah, I went to Texas) and another is on the sticks for the boy's stepmom.

San An was fabu and I ate texmex 2 times and I've had enough, thank you very much. I also had a texan cow. mMMM cow.

Thanksgiving was good, all except for a visit with my Daddy's Mama. She didn't know who I was or who my daddy was when I tried to tell her. So, yeah. That was NOT good. Didn't enjoy that. But I did see my ex's cousin who was there visiting a relation. Didn't speak, but my did I look good-on purpose.

My Daddy had his baby - a new little girl. That's all I know or care to know.

And I tried to break my foot walking on it while it was asleep. Almost accomplished it.

And I'll try and get back in here more often than not - maybe update the shop soon too - but I promise nothing as Christmas looms!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall, Fell, Have Fallen

Again, a me post because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. :P This one's for my mama. And since I'm on housearrest until the washer guy comes and gives me the new washer....

Photos I've taken in the last month- Hold onto you dialup, this is gonna be a long one.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello World, this is me looking at my bellybutton

I sometimes wonder what goes in to the making of a successful person. Nature, nurture, genetics, and location all must play some role, but what role? Can we put some of it down to a choice? How much do we have to be given at birth, how much do we need from our parents, and how much is simple, dumb luck? Are some of us just born to prosper or do we make our fate over coffee and toast each morning? I feel like I've made my life what it is by determined daily toul. I am what I am because I said I would be. This person I am sprung from my toddler's braindwaves Athenian in nature. It's clear that my choices led me down a certain path- towards one thing and away from another.

But am I a thief? Did I steal the best parts of myself from those in my life, those who raised me? Did I reach into their souls and take what I needed to become strong? A grubby, stick, chubby fist locked around straings of my grandfather's spirit. Did my development strip them of their souls, their wisdom, their lives, as I took chunks, splinters, pieces- daily- into me?

What makes a successful person? How does one reach the top? Does it even matter, as long as we get here in the end? Looking behind me, who have I used, needed, leaned on, reguarded? What did I take from them?

My Papa's determination and focus drove me to success. My mother's care, concern, and soft-serve heart lie in my core. My father's stubborn refusal to admit flaws haunts my relationships. My grandmother's crafting heart and busy hands wile my idle house by. My teachers' styles, dispositions, and passions burn and bubble in my heart. All of it stolen, bit by bit, secreted into my squirril's cheek mind.

I am the fox and the world around me is a roost. Beware hens and protect your eggs. The fox is hungry.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I spy

I spy with my little eye
out my workday window
a wheel of cheese
a man on a crescent
the pale and jealous lady

You peer down with your little eye
the whole Earth you could spy
and see me here
looking to you there
and smile, turn, and move on.

Not really sure what that's all about. My brain does strange things this early in the AM so please forgive if you think that was dumb. I like it. :D

It was cool this AM when I walked in under moonbeam and starshine. Maybe Fall really is on its way.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm not dead

I have a job and I'm not dead. I am now working at the Tech School in town. MUCH BETTER than my old place. Jeesh. I love it.

And I've been spinning my butt off.








And I've been dyeing up yarns to sell in the shop.


And knitting.

sunflower cloth



And crocheting


And shopping.


P7260004 These are from a major yard sale...LOVE THESE. The big thing is a picnic basket that has plates and cups that buckle in.



I'll try not to be so long next time. :D Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers that I'm sure many of you sent out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can haz busy

Yes, in lolspeak, I've been busy. I've made some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some eh stuff since I last posted. Noo, no job news still.

So---in an effort to keep busy I give you a parade of things I've made. We'll start with a mess.

I got hurt making this bread and I was going to do a play by play,but I'm not there yet. Let's just say I have a new scar, I got burned (this didn't scar), I set my oven on fire, and the bread wasn't very bready.

This is why I thought I could make bread. That's the WHO bread I made from Soulemama's blog.


This is the plum bread of doom:

See how unbready it really was? We call it cobbler and it was good that way. Not bread, but we can still eat it all the same. And I saved the plums from going bad- well, spoiling, well rotting. Cause they did go bad, very very very bad. And they did spoil, spoiled my bread making. So yeah

And another eh kind of project. I give you Chaos A. Cat. I crocheted him up, but his fluff showed. He is now a dog toy. Poor kitty.

And this is some yarn I spun back in June, art yarn I call it. It was a felters pack of scrap wool,silk, strange weird fibers. I made yarn from it. :D

This is some Spunky Eclectic roving of the month stuff I spun half of *and got some powdered dye that was chillin' in the fibers onto a WHITE shirt that I activated teh dye on accidentally after I spilled something else on, so not a good day that day* and have just unspindled it so I can spin the other half. It took me like 3 hours total to get all of the singles off of the spindle and onto the papertowel holder=bobin.

And this is the next month's roving, flowering weeds that I've spun up and now started to ply with some embroidery floss (spell check?). I still have half of this to spin up too.

And now for the good deed of the week. I made 4 sock project bags to give away on the RAK boards on Ravelry. Here they are:

Soo, that's what I've been doing.
Oh, and something small to note. I got Lime and Violet'ed. That's right, they featured my little yarn shop on their HUGE podcast. Yes. I know. I rock. So hard. :D

PS. There are still some great yarns to be had in my shop, pop over and see what I gots. I added three new ones the other day, two are still left.