Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still Alive

It's almost midterm. Lord help me! :P I'm still alive. I've had to boys raise their hand at me this week, as though to strike. Two. Not even in my class, I was covereing. I think I wrote up 15 today. Not kidding. Gave out at least 4 zeros for talking during a reading quiz. Why is it that they think they can talk through it (when I say again and again that if you talk, you are cheating, and that gets a zero!) and not get a zero?

In knitting content, I'm chevroning a scarf from my old sock yarn scraps and a sock yarn I bought off Ebay when I first started knitting. I hated it and decided I'd never make socks from it. And I'm making a pair of self-stripey socks from some Sockotta (sp?) from secret pal. It's going to be plain jane. But the chevron rocks! It's so pretty with the melting colors.

And I've joined an S n B here in Col. I've only made it to one meeting because they are on Mondays and Mondays have been rough. It's like my kids forget how to work school over the weekend. :P

I hope to get some yarn with my paycheck at the end of this week and start the Fuzzy Peach back up. I've been itching to dye some more. Maybe I can express some of my issues in yarn colors. Just hope they won't all turn out red and/or black! :P hehehe

Thanks for your kind comments and your support. I'm keeping on at this thing, I've come too far for a bunch of teenage punks to beat me now. I've won against better (and worse!). :D


lauriec said...

Where in the name of all that is beautiful sock yarn are you teaching????

Please tell me you are north of Macon Rd!


Hi Lacey!
Glad you are still with us! I say-poke 'em with your Addis, girl! The little sh*ts!