Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who needs November?

Not me. :P

So yeah...quiet around here. I've been enjoying my job and my life and my boyfriend. We've been trying to fit as much down time between his job as we can. But, this weekend, he's off Saturday AND Sunday. I'm going to die from shock.

I've been knitting TONS. About 20 scarves for the ladies in my office. Each one different. 3 more went to the ladies I went to San Antonio with (yeah, I went to Texas) and another is on the sticks for the boy's stepmom.

San An was fabu and I ate texmex 2 times and I've had enough, thank you very much. I also had a texan cow. mMMM cow.

Thanksgiving was good, all except for a visit with my Daddy's Mama. She didn't know who I was or who my daddy was when I tried to tell her. So, yeah. That was NOT good. Didn't enjoy that. But I did see my ex's cousin who was there visiting a relation. Didn't speak, but my did I look good-on purpose.

My Daddy had his baby - a new little girl. That's all I know or care to know.

And I tried to break my foot walking on it while it was asleep. Almost accomplished it.

And I'll try and get back in here more often than not - maybe update the shop soon too - but I promise nothing as Christmas looms!