Monday, June 08, 2009

Not dead

Nope, I'm not dead. Have been feeling that way a lot, but I'm still kickin'. I had some major creep bug that stole my voice last week, so you can imagine how much fun teaching was. HA. I typed a lot. Good think I type really fast.

I've been knitting and spinning and crocheting like a fool again too. I spun up about 2 oz into frog hair yesterday, boy is it thin. I plan to spin the other half soon and two ply it. I think it will have nice long color repeats like a certain Japanese yarn that is so hard on my hands, but I make no promises.

I'm making my brother a toy for his birthday based on the Kate pattern from Knitty (ravlink). I started to just make it a rockstar cat, but then I put fangs on him and his ears next, and lo and behold- it looked like a bat. So I'm going to finish out the Kate bodt with arms and legs, but then I'm gonna mod me some bat wings to sew on to his back. I think I'm also going to give him a mohawk and pierce his ear. I also bought some jewlery finding (chain extenders) to attach to him that will make him look like he has a wallet chain going on. Bub will get a kick out of it, or at least I hope he will. I'm using up some handspun for this, but I'm gonna have to use commercial yarn for the wings. I'm thinking black batwings.

I also knit the free pattern by Raynor called Sugar Bunny(ravlink). It was her take on the best bunny by lionbrand except she knit it up. It was a really cute pattern, and would have been great if I could read. I made the feet for the hands and then got so excited I sewed them on. Of course, once I had darned all the ends into the stupid thing is when I realized that I had screwed up. There was no way out either. I used some really pretty handspun to make a shawl to hide the UGLY seam I made when I attached her head. Again, not a pattern flaw so much as a crafter flaw.

I'm also thinking of making a little stuffed dog for a lady who loves dogs and is retiring from my school. I don't know her very well, but it doesn't look hard to make and it will be a sweet thing to do.

I've been spinning a bit more too, and here's the proof.

I've been taking weird pics in the fruit section to show my mom orange lemons.

I've been walking down by the river and really getting irritated by irresponsible people. We picked everything in that pic up from the river bed/bank, even the plastic bag it's held in. This was our second load.

But there were some nice things to see while we were playing riverkeeper.

And one last pretty pic, but not at the river. This is in D's dad's back yard.