Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Local ... Love ... Hate

I love local. I love art. I love pottery. I love local art and local pottery. Kelly McKernan is my favorite local artist, and she linked into a giveaway by a local blogger of a local pottery artist. How much more awesome does that get?!! [I'm using local in a wide sense as all the ladies come from ATL].

PS- I own almost all of KM's prints on her website, an original by her, and send out her postcards through I loff her lots. I also go to ATL when I can to see her openings or shows she's featured in. LOFF!

I hope all of you out there in blogoworldo had a great Valentine's Day. I did. My honey rocked out my day (also our anniv.). I've got pics taken, but they are still on the cam at home. Nothing dirty- promise. Just unbelievably sweet. :D I'm still smiling about it.

Joann's Fabric and Craft is on my *hit list. D's boss fired him 3 days before Christmas this year for being tired of the unrealistic expectations and telling him they were screwy. D left that day an hour and a half early after letting all of the managers there know. His boss called an hour later and asked him to bring the keys back to the store because he was fired. For leaving early. The day after he'd pulled an 11 hour shift because the boss couldn't make it to work for personal reasons. Jacked up much?!

So that is reason #1.

Reason the second: Now D is trying to make an unemployment claim. Joann's Fabric and Craft is fighting him on it. They are saying that he "quit" and that he used profanity. 1: he didn't quit. He told his boss he was going to quit if he didn't stop getting harassed. 2: Profanity isn't a fireable offense. It's a verbal warning. He got no kind of warning at all, written or verbal.

So please dear friends and readers, take your crafting dollars to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Hancock's. Don't support a store that doesn't care about it's employees. D was fired unfairly and had been being harassed constantly by his boss (who wasn't doing HIS own job) and his district manager. It's a crappy place that treats its employees like crap and has high prices for its own crappy merch. I haven't been back in the store since before Christmas, and I have zero plans for going ever again. I refuse to spend my money in such a place.