Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holy Crappola

I am amazed. :D I (by me I mean the shop, whateva...:p) am in the Holiday Shopping Guide for Lime 'n Violet. :D YAY. That's so cool. And I love The Black Apple. Her illustrations are so pretty. And I love lots and lots of those yarn shops. hehehehe

And a side note. I'm watching tv so this is why I'm off on this. What is up(!) with the Aero Garden thing? It looks like it would make some icky, fake veggies. I have seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and just shake my head in wonder. And the next question is WHO has that much counter space? I mean really. Kitchen counters are worth their weight in gold. Never a kitchen built has had enough counter space. Never.

And another thing. I am sick of ghetto little girls with nasty attitudes. Head snappin', lip smackin', nasty nasty comments. I ask them to sit down and be quiet. You'd thought I called them some name or something. No, just sit down, shut your mouth, get to work. This is after I've asked them at least 20 times to do their work. I mean jebbus. I'm just really sick of working with kids who don't care, who won't ever be more than they are today because they just don't have the drive or anything near a goal.


And boy are they gonna be angry when they fail in a week and a half. :P



And not to mention, their Mommas, too, are gonna be mighty peeved! And can you just guess who they're gonna be peeved at? Watch your back, daaaaaarling! Do you send home warning slips when their grades start sliding???

I'm sick of the lack of culture and decorum that is overtaking our country. Trashy attitudes and behaviors. And, what's with all this CLEAVAGE????

Lacey said...

Lord, have I called and notified parents. I've sent progress reports. I've called them on the phone. I've all but written "failure" in the sky with a plane. The parents shouldn't be real surprised. I've had one come in my class mad because her daughter has never made a C, much less failed. And I'm like, so....what does that tell you? She's not doing my work lady. I have her folder, would ya like to see it?

Culture? Whas that?

Trashy attitudes! LORD. That's not even the half of it.