Friday, November 30, 2007

About that Update

You know, life is a funny thing. Well, in recent months, not so funny haha, but funny all the same. I know that we all talked that game about an update on the 30th, but it's the 30th. I only have 2 skiens preped at this moment. We had a cone issue, but got it fixed. Now I'm winding my little heart out at home when I get home from work. Maybe we can shoot for next weekend, if the weather holds. Last update was killed with rain (no drying!). I have some new dyes, so I'm going to try and NOT dye any oranges this time. There are still a few oranges in the shop, so orange isn't the color of the moment. :D

In knitting news, I've finished a ton!! of projects. I have finished the scribble scarf from MDK (finally), a camo scarf for my brother for Christmas (UGLY!!! Boys are weird), and other things that I can't remember. I think I've finished a new pair of socks since I've posted FOs.

I've had ADD like whoa of late because I don't want to knit anything. I want to knit EVERYTHING. :P I've started the branching out lace scarf with some yummy yarn that is a mystery to me. I got it in with a number of packages when I was swapping and sending gifts to friends and getting gifts from friends. I have NO idea who gave it to me, who dyed it, what the type of wool...nada. But boy it's pretty.

I'm knitting another pair of socks (purple, what else?) from Francis Patrick Sales on EBAY. I heart this yarn. I accidentally ordered sport weight and I don't like it as much as I like the sock/shawl fingering weight from them. I'm using up the purple because I have a skien of "bluebell" that I want to design some socks for it. I have been looking at lace patterns to try. Nothing has blown me down so far.

In the cone issue I had, I made some short skiens and dyed them up for myself. Bet you can't guess what color? Purples. I used some Dylon and used a base purple. I added navy to it for a darker, some pink for a redviolet, and mixed my own for a purpley pinky bluey. :P Those may be the next on the needles. I know, I have a problem with purples. I have lived in purple rooms in my lifetime. :D

Thanksgiving was nice, spent time with my family. My boy had to work Black Friday and the Saturday afterwards. He was not happy. 4am is not a wake-up time. It's a bedtime. :P I was very proud of myself though, I didn't eat myself sick. I ate until I was full and then stopped. I loved my aunt's chocolate poundcake. MMMM.

I think that's all I can dump from my brain at this point.

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Glad to see you've surfaced from underneath your yarn to post! Would love to see somne photos of the knitting!

ADD? I got it too!~ I'm trying to stay focused on finishing Mike's sweater. it's gonna be tough!!! I'm committed to a few church projects and a secret project, as well as "camo"-(yeah, I know-UGH!) fingerless mits or a hat for my son. oh, and i feel compelled to knit a few "pocket book slippers, just like our knitting blogger pal, Hakucho!