Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spin me right round baby

Yeah, what's with all the song titles? I dunno. They just come to me and seem to fit. :P

I've been given the gift of a spindle and fiber. I'm a spinner! Finally. I've wanted to learn to spin since I started knitting.

Here is the gift that I got from SPLJ5 pal Knit Kit.

I got the package right around my birthday and managed to spin all the fiber she sent before I managed to snap a pic. :D I love spinning. It's fun. And easy. I might can make sock yarn one day. :D WHOO.

This is some Crown Moutain Farms roving that I bought from a person on Ravelry. I think it's called Tahitian Dream or something. I broke the big pile into 2 bumps and have spun up all of one and have one left.

This is something I got in a birthday swap. IT ROCKS!

And this is recycled yarn that I got from the same person who I got the fiber from. It was a sweater and I ripped it and dyed it this weekend. It's drying now, I should be able to use it this weekend. I'm thinking to start the mystic lights shawl. I joined the KAL, but you know me- I've not even picked out my yarn! :P

And since I'm here, since I'm posting, I'll add one more. This is my sock yarn stash as of last month. I think there are 5 new ones already and I have a $100 order from Woolgirl coming my way. My cousin loves me and forgot my birthday. SO he made up for it in fiber. :D YAY

I need to cast on a new pair of socks with some of this yarn. I just finished a pair of socks out of my own yarn and I need to get a pic soon. But I forgot yesterday when I was snap happy.