Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been keeping my hands busy since the COLD OF DOOM set into GA. I've been so busy in fact, that I have not taken any pictures of what's being going on. I've been knitting like a fiend. I have 2 new shawls hot off the needles. One has been hanging out since sometime before last Thanksgiving (WHOA), and the other was cast on and off in the span of a week. I've been very much knitting handspun too. Both projects were from my own- I'm so chuffed. [What does chuffed mean? Where did it come from? I blame Lime n Violet for my usage of it.]

This is the first one to be finished - Citron. I'm wearing it elegantly around my shoulders with a large pin holding it in place.

I also made something of a caplet/infinity scarf/biggass cowl using this pattern [Rav link]. I used stripey handspun, and it is really kinda cute. I found that it wasn't going to be long enough for a full on scarf, so I sewed the ends together to make it a circley thing.

I've also been keeping my eyes and ears busy while I've had the needles clicking. This is what I've been watching on NetFlix. It's really funny to me that his movies/shows still work in the current time. I'm going to profane the name and say he may be as timeless as Shakespeare. :D I think AH is terribly funny. Funnier than most people/shows are even today. It's nice to watch a very different breed of TV. Smart TV even.

I've also stopped watching some TV. I love the original CSI and the NY spinoff. But I heard Stella was leaving NY, so I can't really bring myself to watch it without her. I hear Catherine is also leaving CSI, so I'm not excited about it. I don't know if I'll keep watching if they keep going without her. I'm still loving NCIS and NCIS:LA. Gibbs and LL are both my homeboys. I also like H5-O and Mike and Molly. I'm a little mad because I can't really watch Mike and Molly any more. They were letting the episodes hit the website for viewing but stopped after I got hooked. No show is good enough for me to have a cable bill each month!

I find I have a large span of time in the middle of my work day now that has no strings attached to it. I've been filling it with knitting to keep me sane on the job. I'm not really on the clock, so I dare anyone to tell me I shouldn't. The only problem this presents is that it requires me to have a project on the needles. I cast my last one off last night and didn't have the time to start a new one. Bummer. That is how I find myself here today, telling the world about my dilemma. Any suggestions from the unnamed They about what to knit next? It needs to be something passingly simple since I'm doing it in a distracted environment, and I don't want to stress myself with charts and crazy directions.

Well, it's off to the saltmines soon. I'll leave you here until next time when I shall portray another little playlette to entertain you.