Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas nears :D

So we will hit our first Christmas event Saturday. We'll be motoring down to his Dad's house to do that side of Christmas. Then we'll come back Sunday, do our own little Christmas, he'll work Monday, we'll then drive back down to Americus for Christmas Eve and Christmas with his moms, and then back on Christmas day for him to work day after Christmas. Whew. I guess while we're in the area, we should go by my Dad's etc. but I haven't gotten them one single thing for Christmas. Crap. That also leaves his grandparents in Macon and my mama in Valdosta. Whoa. No IDEA how we're going to manage all this. Stupid job. I can go just whenever, but he can't manage to get off. But we're not bitter, we won't go there.


More pictures of the Christmas nature.

This is a pic of the angel and the two lady ornaments we found in the stuff his mom ditched on us this year.

This cool little ornament is another that we found in the box o' crap. I love it!

Is this not the sweetest thing? I love it very much and it's at the front center of the tree this year.

And this little one has sisters, but they are so fragile that I left them packed up. I think they were his Mema Joyce's and then his mom's and now they are ours!

And isn't she sweet? I found her too. I like her painted face and hair.

And these are some new additions to our collection o' junk. The hippo is a candle, how cool? I got it, along with tons of others, for $2 at the goodwill store! And then the little snowman is something that was packed in with the mom stuff the sent us. It is china and so dainty! I love it. Then there's the yellow bird. Do you love it?! It was $1.01 at the goodwill. It was cast in 1945 (so says the pencil inside of him. I just love these three guys. :D

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