Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas nears :D

So we will hit our first Christmas event Saturday. We'll be motoring down to his Dad's house to do that side of Christmas. Then we'll come back Sunday, do our own little Christmas, he'll work Monday, we'll then drive back down to Americus for Christmas Eve and Christmas with his moms, and then back on Christmas day for him to work day after Christmas. Whew. I guess while we're in the area, we should go by my Dad's etc. but I haven't gotten them one single thing for Christmas. Crap. That also leaves his grandparents in Macon and my mama in Valdosta. Whoa. No IDEA how we're going to manage all this. Stupid job. I can go just whenever, but he can't manage to get off. But we're not bitter, we won't go there.


More pictures of the Christmas nature.

This is a pic of the angel and the two lady ornaments we found in the stuff his mom ditched on us this year.

This cool little ornament is another that we found in the box o' crap. I love it!

Is this not the sweetest thing? I love it very much and it's at the front center of the tree this year.

And this little one has sisters, but they are so fragile that I left them packed up. I think they were his Mema Joyce's and then his mom's and now they are ours!

And isn't she sweet? I found her too. I like her painted face and hair.

And these are some new additions to our collection o' junk. The hippo is a candle, how cool? I got it, along with tons of others, for $2 at the goodwill store! And then the little snowman is something that was packed in with the mom stuff the sent us. It is china and so dainty! I love it. Then there's the yellow bird. Do you love it?! It was $1.01 at the goodwill. It was cast in 1945 (so says the pencil inside of him. I just love these three guys. :D

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So here's the state of the craft:
I'm crankin' stuff out like a machine over here!

These are some things I've been knitting:
Camo Scarf for my little brother-

And a Mason-Dixon Scribble Scarf going to a teacher at school-

And the snail I mentioned-

A Fun Fur tree I made to give as SnB swap tonight-

And to prove that I still knit- WIPS

Branching out-

Some socks in progress-

That's 2 pair! The lighter of the two purples is some yarn I dyed for myself. It was the end of the cone that was all warped etc. SO I got to keep it! :D

And now for some of the cuteness that is my house at Christmas:

The cactus of 52+ blooms. :D We think it's dying.

And the cutest tree on Earth!!!

And the greatest stocking yet made by man-


Jeesh. Whirlwind would not even begin to describe my life. Hither, tither, and yon I have been. Or at least it feels like that. I did little of nothing all weekend, but boy howdy do I feel like I climbed Everest. We cleaned the house, I mean CLEANED the house this weekend. After Sunday, you can't tell any difference. We spent all day Sunday in house, piddling, crafting, watching movies.

I've been sewing and knitting. And dyeing. I dyed up three more skeins of yarn for the shop, one though, is short so I get to keep it. :D It's a beautiful mix of greens. I started with a school theme in mind, blue and gold, but it was more fun to keep dumping them in at the same time and see what came out of it! I was also a bit impatient. I could have let the yellow strike and then the blue after the yellow exhausted, but who DOES that? :P

Not me.

And I think I've broken the curse of the ugly stocking. I've made a new stocking for myself for the last three years running. And they all come out ugly. So. This year, with my handy new machine, I ziped one up in patchwork. SO cute. I'll have to get pictures up. I'm in such a Christmas mood today. I've been listening to Yahoo! Music's Christmas stations. It's postplanning today, no kids!!! Can you tell I'm in a great mood? I would to a hula if it weren't so blasted cold in my room. I am not keen on the heater becuase of all the candy(paper) in the heater. Afraid I'll set this place ablaze. Not sure that's a bad thing, but you know, I'll wait for a day with kids to do it so we can all go home! :P Just kidding.

OH, I've knit a snail. It has to be the cutest thing EVA. I used the top part of the Nautie pattern from Knitty and made his little shell. Then I freehanded the body. I'm so proud. And no, I can't share a pattern. I just kinda did it. I increased when it seemed like a good idea, I decreased when it looked right, I made i-cord when it felt like the thing to do. I guess I can finally say that I am a true knitter cause I pulled that entire snail out of the air. It's for the boy who has said on multiple occasions that he's a snail. I don't know why, but he is a 26 yo kid at heart. Really. He just up and says he's a snail sometimes when we're playing around and then makes this noise like he's slithering. Eww. Then we were huddled under the covers, in cave darkness, one cold day and he was suddenly a "bat snail." So after I finish sewing him up, I've got to make some bat wings too. :D

Oh and my mom's husband's name is Donald. Naturally, we all give him ducks for Christmas. Dave just got this the other day when he was saying something about Donald's duck. He's slow I swear. But I'm going to sew him a duck. I've made this pattern out of thin air too. So I'm now a real sewer (is that a word?) too. I saw one online that I liked and it's from a Japanese craft book. It would cost $30+ to buy and ship from Japan, so I am guessing how this thing goes together. I made one out of paper first, and then some scrap, and next will come some bright yellow fabric I didn't even know I had. :D Yay for being a packrat.
For your info, I am NOT procrastinating grading papers. I'm being informative. :P

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've just put up one more skein in the shop. Catch it while you can!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Update Is Up

The Fuzzy Peach Update

We've updated. Faster than expected, so it's now up there. We didn't expect to have it up until 9, but I'm a fast little bunny.

Speaking of bunny, there is a skein called Bunny Nose. :D

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holy Crappola

I am amazed. :D I (by me I mean the shop, whateva...:p) am in the Holiday Shopping Guide for Lime 'n Violet. :D YAY. That's so cool. And I love The Black Apple. Her illustrations are so pretty. And I love lots and lots of those yarn shops. hehehehe

And a side note. I'm watching tv so this is why I'm off on this. What is up(!) with the Aero Garden thing? It looks like it would make some icky, fake veggies. I have seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and just shake my head in wonder. And the next question is WHO has that much counter space? I mean really. Kitchen counters are worth their weight in gold. Never a kitchen built has had enough counter space. Never.

And another thing. I am sick of ghetto little girls with nasty attitudes. Head snappin', lip smackin', nasty nasty comments. I ask them to sit down and be quiet. You'd thought I called them some name or something. No, just sit down, shut your mouth, get to work. This is after I've asked them at least 20 times to do their work. I mean jebbus. I'm just really sick of working with kids who don't care, who won't ever be more than they are today because they just don't have the drive or anything near a goal.


And boy are they gonna be angry when they fail in a week and a half. :P