Friday, October 12, 2007

Life Takes Visa

Or Vodka. Which is it?

Things have been harried as of late. Last week was homecoming from Hades. My kids have lost their minds. And it's taking them a long time this week to find them and get them back in their heads again. Jeesh. Feels like the first week of school all over again.

But I'm living and breathing and working through it. Or rather, they are working through it. Quizes abound, holding them accountable for everything I've said. :D I'm evil, or so my kids think.

Had a kid tell me that if I didn't write up so many kids I'd be teacher of the month (teachers vote for this award). I looked at him with my eyebrow cocked and said "Does it look like I care?"

No was the obvious answer there. :P

I've been knitting like whoooa lately. I've finished a pair of socks in plain st. st. feets with 3x3 rib legs. Now I'm past the heel on a pair on a pair of double eyelet rib socks from WendyKnits! I've only been working on those a week. Talk about speed, baby! :) I'm happy with the yarn I used, doesn't make the pattern stand out, but it is beautiful to me. Like Darla to Spanky. It's spinning bunny in paintbox from Ebay. Love! It is wool tencel. mmmmm So soft and shiney.

I've been a little miffed with Blogger of late. I've tried 5 times to post to a blog I belong to for Sock A Month and it won't let me. Not even just text. Grump.

But I'm happy it's Friday. Praise be.



You sound happier. I'm glad. Must be the power of the socks!

Wendy said...

I'm almost ready to package up your goodies and send them your way. Hopefully will be able to finish up this weekend and send it out early next week!!!!