Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yep. Tha's me. I'm back in the world of the connected. We've been online since sometime last week, but I've been in hiding. I guess I'm just spending my time wallowing in this nice new apt. It is a castle man. We have SOOO much more room (we've already filled it up to the brim and have a just purchased coffee table under our bed). Don't ask me how the world we lived in a studio, I can't even begin to tell you. But we're back, unpacked, and settled in.

The boy cooked some yummy salmon tonight, our first real, not a hot dog or sammich meal. :P We have eaten a LOT of Fox's pizza. We can't afford it, but we did it all the same. This not having a job thing and thereby no paycheck and no money thing is for the birds. The ones who aren't afraid to eat out of garbage cans or the gutter. :P

And The Fuzzy Peach is open again, buy it up so I can ruin our new kitchen with the dyes. :D I just can't stand to have white counter tops and a spotless floor!

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