Monday, December 17, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So here's the state of the craft:
I'm crankin' stuff out like a machine over here!

These are some things I've been knitting:
Camo Scarf for my little brother-

And a Mason-Dixon Scribble Scarf going to a teacher at school-

And the snail I mentioned-

A Fun Fur tree I made to give as SnB swap tonight-

And to prove that I still knit- WIPS

Branching out-

Some socks in progress-

That's 2 pair! The lighter of the two purples is some yarn I dyed for myself. It was the end of the cone that was all warped etc. SO I got to keep it! :D

And now for some of the cuteness that is my house at Christmas:

The cactus of 52+ blooms. :D We think it's dying.

And the cutest tree on Earth!!!

And the greatest stocking yet made by man-

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