Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can haz busy

Yes, in lolspeak, I've been busy. I've made some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some eh stuff since I last posted. Noo, no job news still.

So---in an effort to keep busy I give you a parade of things I've made. We'll start with a mess.

I got hurt making this bread and I was going to do a play by play,but I'm not there yet. Let's just say I have a new scar, I got burned (this didn't scar), I set my oven on fire, and the bread wasn't very bready.

This is why I thought I could make bread. That's the WHO bread I made from Soulemama's blog.


This is the plum bread of doom:

See how unbready it really was? We call it cobbler and it was good that way. Not bread, but we can still eat it all the same. And I saved the plums from going bad- well, spoiling, well rotting. Cause they did go bad, very very very bad. And they did spoil, spoiled my bread making. So yeah

And another eh kind of project. I give you Chaos A. Cat. I crocheted him up, but his fluff showed. He is now a dog toy. Poor kitty.

And this is some yarn I spun back in June, art yarn I call it. It was a felters pack of scrap wool,silk, strange weird fibers. I made yarn from it. :D

This is some Spunky Eclectic roving of the month stuff I spun half of *and got some powdered dye that was chillin' in the fibers onto a WHITE shirt that I activated teh dye on accidentally after I spilled something else on, so not a good day that day* and have just unspindled it so I can spin the other half. It took me like 3 hours total to get all of the singles off of the spindle and onto the papertowel holder=bobin.

And this is the next month's roving, flowering weeds that I've spun up and now started to ply with some embroidery floss (spell check?). I still have half of this to spin up too.

And now for the good deed of the week. I made 4 sock project bags to give away on the RAK boards on Ravelry. Here they are:

Soo, that's what I've been doing.
Oh, and something small to note. I got Lime and Violet'ed. That's right, they featured my little yarn shop on their HUGE podcast. Yes. I know. I rock. So hard. :D

PS. There are still some great yarns to be had in my shop, pop over and see what I gots. I added three new ones the other day, two are still left.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No News

No, I don't know about that job. The longer I know nothing, the more I think I've got nothing.

So to put off the freakout, I'm going to focus on charity knitting. I've got like 100 projects on the needles right now, but last time I did this, good things came and it just feels right again. I'm going to knit wool hats. In July, yes I know I live in GA and it's 100 outside my door. But I don't have to deal with heating costs this winter, so I'm going to use some of the wools I have to help those who do have that issue. I am greatful for the things in life I don't have to deal with and am trying to be greatful for those that I do which should by theory make me stronger.

Here's the link if you feel the need too.

Oh, and I've joined a Random Act of Kindness group on Ravelry. I'm sending out flowerr seeds. I'm very glad as I had NO idea what to do with them here, I'm killing sweet peas and lavendar at the moment.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Need that Voodoo You Do

Ok guys, I need all of your positive energy and prayers tonight and tomorrow. Focus it towards the BOE and the principal at the school I interviewed with because he said he wanted to make a recommendation to his BOE at their meeting tomorrow night. I want this job. I need this job. Focus the positive energy and prayers for me and Lord hear them all.

Thanks guys.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hello Out There HenCirclers!

So, I must be bored this summer since I'm addicted like crack to plurk. It's this online dealy where you can chat with like 2340287096 people at one time and sucks all your free time. Watch yourself. I told you so.

Anyway, so there I found Miz Vi of LnV fame and she is all hopped up on farmgirl crack and is dealing. I bought some. :D And so did like 90something others. Our first directive is to intro ourselves on our blogs. This is that.

I am a 24yo teacher, spinner, knitter, dyer, crafting baker. I plant plants and sometimes they live. I like to walk the riverbank and pick up river glass and cool rocks. I like to visit nature as often as I can, to get all Emersonian and transparent eyebally. My quest for farmgirl is to get back to where I came from. I have lived in the city for a year and it's really weird being here in the summer. Blackberries and blueberries do NOT grow in my backyard anymore. I'm sad about that. I miss it. Terribly. I've always lived out in the country (mostly) or lived somewhere that wasn't all citified like I do now. I live in the concrete jungle, nothing really grows wild here, very manicured, and I pay for it too.

But I'd like to bake WHO bread (planning to this week for shrimp bisque) and have a flower patch (2 containers ain't cutttin' it) and sew more than I do now.

I'd just like to get back some of the things I lost when I grew up, got a job, and moved away from home. I miss them.

ETA: WHO bread link, that's the acoustic version. I did't link the bread machine version because I'm not using a bread machine. But you can get it from her too.