Friday, August 25, 2006

I've very tired tonight. I have had one of THOSE weeks at school. I did manage, however, to keep the beasts calm Thursday when Mrs. K was gone to a meeting all day at the college. I ruled that classroom. :D

But I've finished my swap pal's rags, taped up that package, and am ready to mail. I've got my Secret Pal on livejournal's last package (with my identity enclosed) ready to tape and wrap and ship. I have a friend's bday pressie are still scattered. And I have my other swap pal a gift to get sent to her, the woman who knit for me. And if I can think of anything else to send to anyone else to make them have a better day, well...I will get that together too. I'm in a go places, do stuff, and send people things kinda mood today. It may just be the lack of sleep and stress of total exhaustion..but what the gets people LOTS of free stuff. :D

I'll post pics...well...not tonight at least. Some time.

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