Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I've been working hard for the money this week...except I don't ever get paid.

School has been whoopin' up on me. I had a 6hr meeting Tuesday to orientate me with the Student Teaching process and requirements. Yay. :| But now I have to take over one class by Friday. Jeebus help me please.

But I've been knitting like mad at work each night. I left work late on Monday night because I was NOT going to bring my yellow warshrag home OTN. I refused to have that hanging out waiting for me to be done. So that's it is:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I went with the skinnier version, but I don't like it as much as the full 45 stitch plan.

And I've been knitting in public again. Well, I KIP every night at work, but I was in front of God and EVERYBODY at school knitting my little heart out. I was working on my MD swap pal's warshrag with my hand dyed yarn. It looks superlicious, but I can't show it off here, she may see it. :OP But I knit in line waiting for my difference check, then I KIP'd while I was in between sessions of the mega honkin meeting, and then I KIP'd...wait...that's it. Just those two places, but hey...I had a major audience and a 3 person convo in two diff. lines going all at one time. And I did manage to memorize this pattern despite my seemingly deliberate attempts to forget it and screw it all up.

And finally, a log cabin update. That is the center of a full sized bed people. This thing is a monster under it's own powers. Yikes! I am still waiting to hear back from that snooty little yarn shop in ATL that SAID they'd ship me out tons of PnC, but I've heard nothing since I placed my wishlist with them. Punks.

On to the pic. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's all for now folks! :D


annmarie said...

That blanket's right purty!:)

Lacey said...

Thanks! I lurv it muchly and I hate that it's so boring to knit SOOOOO many stitches before I get to move to a new color. That's my biggest irk with it..and why it's taking 60 million years to finish. :D