Thursday, August 03, 2006

I've been about to die to knit a warshrag. I started it last night after about 5 margaritas...sooo...the casting on kinda was crazy and I passed out ( I had worked all day long heaving and ho-ing books) after 21 stitches. So this afternoon at work I started back with the stitches I'd stopped wtih. I didn't leave a long enough tail while trying to cast on, it was a little squishy to get the last few stitches on there. Anyway, I freaked because I didn't know how to yard forward or back. But I googled it a little and made it up.

And then it just kinda clicked a few rows into it. I think I have it down now, but by no way memorized.
So here I am:
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That's a smirk for all those who don't know. The "I'm not so sure I want to smile..but I need to, damn if I weren't so tired I might actually cheese this thing out."

And the wip. That stands for warshrag in prog. in this case. ^^ see above comment about cheesing things out.

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And this is what happens to hand painted alpaca when you don't have a swift and are too stupid to pay attention and put it around your feet. Yarntastrify.
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I'm still jookin' along on the log cabin, just kinda bored with it. I am binding off a strip and that's never so much fun. Neither is the next step, picking up 1000 bajillion stitches.

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Lacey said...

So I really don't look like a line backer in most pics. I'm leaning back against the wall I might be a little more spread out than usual.