Monday, January 29, 2007

Secret Pal 9 Unmasked

I have my last package from my SP9 pal. She is the best ever! I love everything in this package. :D I'm at work, so no pics right this second, stupid firewall. But they are taken and waiting for posting.

For now, a listing o' the greatness:
*A handmade card with a fairy on the front that revealed the mysterious spoiler: TeAntae (accent the first e and the last a). She can be stalked on her blog.....
*a bottle of organic lotion, orange and choco. mint
*2 bars organic chocolate, lavender and milk choco. - is sharing the dark with a friend who lives for the darkest chocolate she can find
*Copy of "The Knititng Directory" - really cool! I am excited to find out how a number of the stitches in there look when *I* knit them up.
*Copy of "One Skein Wonders" - oh yeah, I'm excited to get into the projects in this bad boy!
* A kit for the spa set (pg. 84) with real live bamboo yarn...eep! Can't wait to see it knit up
*A kit for the handpainted highlights socks with some of my frist eva trecking yarn
* Oh, and 3 really pretty stitch markers. One is a beautiful pink bead with silver extras, the other two look like Celtic knots or something really Celticy. Hand made maybe? She's a bead maven, so could be bob.

I think I've covered everything. In each little mini-kit, I got the bamboo needles enough to make the items. I even ended up with a bamboo crochet hook. Oh and tiny little sock needles, :D, for tiny fingers. Too bad about my blunt tools then. :P I'm excited to get knitting on these projects. She's got me stocked for months to come, as I'm the slowest knitter in the world.

Speaking of knitting, I just made a ballband purse with some more of my handdyed. I'm excited because it looks great and I know it will felt beautifully. I even did an attched I cord bind off with an I cord loop for a button. :D Learning stuffs all the time.

Oh and KnitPicks rocks. Their customer service is great. I just deleted this whole paragraph about what happened and am now so mad with this laptop that I'm gonna stop for now before I scream. But yay knitpicks and yay secret pal.


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TeAntae said...

*major hugs* to an adorable and fun secret pal. Each month just got more and more fun trying to pick out just the right things (I printed out your questionaire and it is covered in notes!)

Take care and I look forward to keeping up with you and hopefully running into you again in another swap or something. =)