Saturday, January 06, 2007

I keep looking at yarn, crusing through yarnshops online, thinking about yarn, thinking about all sorts of knitterly things. And I'm knitting like 12 hrs out of every day. Or so it seems. I seriously knit almost all day long since I'm not working right now.

And while I've been crusing through these yarn shops, I keep seeing roving. And I need it. No, I mean I NEED it. Like part of me says, "So you can't spin, so you don't have a spindle, so Dave said we can't hide anymore hobbies in the current apt., so what. Big, fat, hairy deal." And then another part screams "HEY STUPID, YOU'RE BROKE!" And that second voice almost always wins. Damn these podcasters and bloggers who spin and make it look so yummy and inviting. Lisa Souza, I mean really, people, who can resist that stuff. It's like fiberous heroin. And every time I surf through, I feel the need to smack that vein to bring it up for ease of use.

But really man, I think I have a problem.

So I'll just ignore it and hope it abates.

And the socks are totally kicking ass right now, thanks so very much. I am through the heel, although it's god ugly, and working up the leg. Mostly I'm just through the heel and have not even gotten a full repeat in the leg so far. But it fits my foot, mostly it's a footie. Do you know what a footie is? My granny had them and the juuuust cover your feet, like shorter than an anklet by inches. Juuuuuust over the heel and up to the ankleish area. A footie is what I have as of 2:42 am. And I love them. BUT, I'm real damn tired of knitting them. I've been playing with the same damn sock yarn since before christmas and I'm not gonna be able to last much longer. I need new yarn in my hands.

Speaking of new, well different, yarns, I've been working on my log castle. And boy have I screwed it up beyond beliefe. Fubar-ed it as Dave would say (Fed up beyond all recog.). I somehow got off my rounds and now I don't have stepped up strips, I have equal in length strips. But I'm totally ok with that, because there is no way, hear me NO WAY, in HELL that I will rip out like 4 logs to make this thing right. I'm gonna just knit through it and pretend it is s'posed to look that way. Really, I promise, they meant it to do that right there. It's in the pattern. *flash pattern for .5 millaseconds*

And I've been working on the baby blanket too. I've run out of the blue (first ball) and have wound the second, but didn't start knitting with it yet. It's going to take me until this child is 59 to get this thing done at this rate. Gack. He's already 7 or 8 mts already, I started this thing when he was like 4 weeks. JEEBUS!

So that's what I've been knitting, or not knitting, or screwing up (Fubaring) since I last posted a real craft involved post. :D Ta.

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