Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stalking Crazy Aunt Purl

I've been reading through Laurie's blogs and her archives and I've just been hooting with laughter. So, to show how stalkery I am, I've ripped off this thing she did like 2 years ago.
So you pick three, answer, and then tag folks. I'm not into being tagged, so I'll tag not.

But I'm gonna answer the ones I think I have something to say about and leave the others alone.

If I could be a scientist… I'd invent the wunder drug that cured crazy. There are too damn many crazy people in this world, and not enough drugs to keep them steady. Sadly, I think I know them all..

If I could be a farmer… I'd grow cotton and figger out a way to keep more of it from getting on the ground and try and make it a more effective harvesting system. Have you ever seen a just picked field, cotton all over the ground and tons left on the stalks. Not efficient.

If I could be a musician… I wouldn't play the flute. I've been there, done that, sucked bad. I think I'd play the piano. And I'd be good too,'s my fantasy so bite me. :P

If I could be a doctor… I'd treat poor people, people without insurance, and college students who are trying to make it just as good as my patients who could pay. I had a maaaaaaajor spider bite on my chest once in college and the Health center was closed, I couldn't get a doctor to see me, not a one. Greedy bastards. All cause I don't have ins.

If I could be a painter… I'd probably paint a ton of flowers. I think I'm obsessed with them. I love to photograph my gift flowers (tons of valentines rose pics from this am) and flowers I see in the wild. I think they are beautiful and I'm amazed at their delicate perfection.

If I could be a gardener… I'd plant wildflowers and not have so much flower beds as flower yards. I hate to mow grass, and to look out over a sea of wild flowers would rock.

If I could be a missionary… I'd go to Costa Rica and save the heathens of the city of Grecia. There aren't many I'm sure, but there is a slot in a coconut tree in the town square. This city sits between 2 volcans and you can see them and I LUV this city.

If I could be a chef… I'd be like Paula Dean's twin I'm sure. Except tons fatter. I love to watch her cook on TV cause she eats what she cooks, amazing! :D And I'm all about the down home ness and her sweets rock my socks.

If I could be an architect… I'd bring back beauty in buildings. NO more ugly squares with drop tile ceilings. Beauty in the details, like masonry or in moldings. I'd also cost a ton of money to build anything cause details aren't cheap.

If I could be a linguist… I'd bore my friends even more than I do about the English Language.

If I could be a psychologist… I'd prolly get fired for saying "Bitch Please!" a lot. I have no patience for nut jobs.

If I could be a librarian… I'd die happy. I could sniff books and read and knit like all the time. And I'm really good at research, so I could be a kickbutt high school librarian, like Mrs. Irwin at my hs.

If I could be an athlete… I'd be hot, and not so overweight.

If I could be a lawyer… I'd sue the people who made me mad. Or what I mean is, I'd fight for human rights.....yeah...

If I could be an inn-keeper… I'd have a cute b&b in Savannah, but I wouldn't charge $5o08708 a night to stay there. I think those places are really nice to stay, but totally unreasonable cause it's just 4 walls, a potty, and a bed for the most part. It CANNOT cost that much to keep the walls from falling down around your ears.

If I could be a professor… I'd be like Peg or Liz or a little o' both. Peg's all crazy hard and vague, but she makes you work. Liz is all crazy hard and nice and caring. She also gets great work out of you. I'd never be Dr. Davis. That man is a nut.

If I could be a writer… I'd be happy. I'd also scare the hell out of America with the stories I'd tell about me growin' up.

If I could be a llama-rider… I'd prolly figger a way to spin the llama fur. :D And I'd prolly suck a whoooole lot.

If I could be a bonnie pirate… OH, I love this one, I'd be Jimmy Buffett's side kick and we'd smuggle stuff and have burgers in paradise together! Or, I could be Capt. Sparrow's side kick, and umm, lover. :D

If I could be an astronaut… I would NOT be nutso like that lady who tried to kill the other lady recently.

If I could be a world famous blogger… I'd probably not be blogging dumb stuff like this.

If I could be a justice on any one court in the world… Supreme and yes to gay marriage and gay rights. Stupid conservative courts in GA.

If I could be married to any current famous political figure… um or not. Not so into the politics thing.

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