Monday, February 12, 2007

Randomness at it's worst

I think I'm in a funk. I feel all ick...just not right and not real sure why.

Sunday, I didn't leave the house. I never even saw the sun.

I've been sleeping a ton as of late and it feeeeeels goooooood. :D I'll sleep until like 2, go to bed at like 1am and sleep all the way through again. I just guess I'm really tired. Or maybe I'm dying. That could be it, I'mma die in two days.

And I'm in a slump in my crafting. I've wanted to sew for like a week now, and I had 2 whole free days to do it, but I just couldn't bring myself to put away the ball winder, unpack the sewing machine, get all my gear out, and THEN craft. It just didn't seem like it was a worthwhile project. I've got 2 purses that need linings, a purse I've got pieced but not sewn, and a number of purses working in my head. I need a new tote bag for school, but I'm not into it. I NEED to fix the boy's pants, but I'm not into that either. I've put the pants fixing off for like months. MONTHS. What kind of girlfriend am I?


And I can't follow a pattern any more. I'm kniting feather and fan socks, magic loop, 2 at a time, Wendy's pattern, and I can't keep it together long enough to do the lace in the dang thing. IT'S ONE REPEAT. Just one, and the rest are knit knit knit. And stupid me can't even get that right. Maybe I'm in need of some medical attn. for this funk o' mine. But I dunno. I just feel like I'm waiting for life to kick in before I get committed to anything else.

I went on an interview in Sav. last week, seems positive, but haven't heard if I have the position yet. I think I'm not wanting to do much of anything in case I have to pack up and move in three weeks like 400 miles across the state. I have no real idea of the actual distance, but it's a butt load of a ways off.

So maybe that's my funk. I'm just "between" right now. Like Kate said in French Kiss, "There were a few months a long time ago, but I was between teaching jobs." Maybe that's it, I'm just between.

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