Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Socks- Whitman

I love wearing hand knit socks. It makes me happy to have my creations keeping my toes warm. :D

And, now that I've made 2 pair, knit from about 20 different patterns (socks that died because the yarn is UGLY) I feel confident enough to make my own damn socks. So I am.

I'm making what shall be called, the Whitman socks. I'm using the hand dyed Knitpicks bare I did forever ago and I'm doing 2 on magic loop, toe up. I used the magic cast on from Knitty and the toe given there. Then I got to a point here I wanted to add pizazz to the foot. I googled lace patterns and found the Leaves of Grass lace pattern on Lion Brand's website. So now I am working them with the lace repeating 2 full times and a half time on each side for the instep and then will join them on both sides when I hit the leg. I think I'll use WendyKnits! toe up heel for my heel since the one in Falling leaves turned out so ugly when I did it. And I like the name of my socks, very nerdy of me.

They are using the leaves of grass pattern (his collection of poetry) and the colors look all happy and bright and loud, kinda like a pride flag. Except no yellow and orange. And everyone said he was gay. So that is kinda backhanded, but I think that it's funny all the same. THEN, when I teach his poetry, I can wear my Whitman socks. Maybe I should recite his poetry while I knit them, to steep them in culture. :P

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TeAntae said...

Go Lacey! Go! I look forward to seeing how your socks come out. I can only imagine how gorgeous they're going to be. =)