Wednesday, August 01, 2012

10 things

As I'm stuck in a rut and a deeeeeeep funk, this post will be a stretch for me, and hopefully, it will be a kick in the pants to stop being so grumpy and gloomy all the time.  Work's tough.  Looking for new jobs is demoralizing.  Wanting to move to be closer to friends (who are basically family) and being stuck due to the toughness of finding a new job is hard to deal with too.  But on this gloomy outside day, I'll try to uncover a little bit of sunshine in my own life.

This post was inspired by Amanda Blake Soule's post here.

Ten Things that Bring Me Joy:

1- Having a job at all.  It may not provide me with ALL the money I'd like to have, but by God, I've got a job.  Having someone in your house unemployed will draw this into sharp perspective quickly.

2- Having friends who feel like a pair of broken in jeans - comfortable, a little roomy, and ready to tackle anything with you.

3- My health- such that it is.  I don't have any major issues rocking right now.  On the whole, I'm usually pretty hale and hearty.  Let's all hope that trend continues as I don't have health insurance. haha

4- Fiber arts.  I once felt as confident about my knowledge in my subject area as I now feel about fiber arts, only I was afraid of failing a paper or a class back then.  With fiber arts, I'm not scared of much except spending too much time or money on something I don't wind up loving.  Even then though, I've been able to sell most of my personal rejects at my LYS.  They are great pieces, but sometimes the process breaks the bond between me and a work.  Ah well.  It happens, and now I'm happy to let that go. I don't fear that at all.

5- Having a relationship/partner who is really a partner most of the times.  He cooks and cleans and listens to me moan and groan about life.  He pays his share of the bills.  He really is a partner.  He's not a hanger-on or a slob who eats Cheetos while I'm working away.  There is not pleasure greater than slipping into clean sheets at night when you didn't have to wash them or brushing your teeth over a spotless sink you didn't clean.

6- .....  I'm halfway there, but I'm a little low on steam.  Um...Ravelry!  Yes.  That really is a joyful thing.  I love being able to see a bajillion patterns at my fingertips and just as many projects too.  I also love chatting with friends on the forums. True, it has drama of its own, but I usually just eat popcorn and watch it happen.

7- My LYS- Yarnhouse Studio in Opelika, Alabama.  While this might sound like a cheesy advertisement, but it's not a plug in any real way.  I'm so glad I took that 30 minute trip last summer.  It's really changed a lot about who I am and how I see myself.  I've felt more confident and happier since I've found a place where I really feel like I fit in.  They are my people and understand "just one more row!"  or "I'm counting!"  Being able to help out there has helped me be happier and feel like I'm helping folks since I came out of the classroom.

8- My car- I know this is silly too, but Lord knows I love that car.  I'm paying for it with my very own dollars, so I'm going to hold that puppy tight.  It's me and her 'til the wheels fall off.  I've never owned something so nice.  Both cars I drove previously were hand-me-downs.  I was the last owner of their lives.  It was really like driving a ghost they were so close to the scrap yard.  Now I have a sleek, fancy new ride that I love.  True, I should spend more time taking care of her (hello!  wash me!) than I do, but I still love her.

9- Almost done now.  Vacations with the in-laws and my in-laws in general.  I've heard horror stories about how bad in-laws can be, and although mine aren't true in-laws because we're not married, mine are pretty good.  His mom takes us along on her vacations, and we always have a good time.  I always know she's got my back, and that's a nice feeling.

10- The Olympics.  Yeah. Another cheesy one, but it's also true.  I get so excited when folks are excited, and there are plenty of people excited about the summer games.  One of my friends got cable just to be able to watch the games.  I've been reading up on the results online so that I can talk to her this weekend about it.  We were lucky enough to sit right below some tvs at the mexican place we ate at last Friday with them, so we all got to see most of the opening ceremonies. I love Mr. Bean, and then when the "queen" jumped out of the airplane, I laughed so hard.

So those are the things that bring me a little bit of sunshine in an overly Eeyore kind of world. 

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