Tuesday, May 29, 2012


When I was in middle school, Mrs. White tried and tried to teach me how to spell business.  "Lacey, business men are BUSY.  Think about it that way."  I'm sure she'd scream if she saw my post title, but it fits, so I'm leaving it.  Thanks to all those college professors, I've learned that if I know a rule, then I can break it.  It's the unknowingly broken rule that's the worst.

So, as those business men are, I have been as well.  Between working 2 jobs and helping out at the yarn store, I've been pushing this life into high gear.  And for the most part, I couldn't be happier.  Working nearly 12 hour days kinda sucks the life out of you, but what'cha gonna' do?

Since March, I've learned to weave.  I even got a loom from my favorite cousin, Cal.  He's the bees' knees.  [I assume those bees own those knees.]  When it comes time for gifting, he just hands us his card and gives us a limit.  I always get the best stuff from him.  hahaha 

I present to you, the fruits of that loom (who could have resisted?  "certainly not I," said the cat):

Project 1:  Resurrection Scarf
This poor project was started by the weaving teacher at the yarn shop, and then she sold the loom out from under it!  She cut it off the loom and it was piled in a corner, forgotten.  I loved the colors and the yarn she chose, so I asked if we could save it...bring it back to life.  She had never heard of it before, but she was happy to try with me.  BAM. We tied that puppy onto my new loom, and I was off.  Well, sort of.  Then we got busy at the store, and I didn't really have time to deal with it.  It got shuffled around the back room, jostled and jerked.  It was kinda sad and pathetic when I finally brought it back out to work on it.  But work on it I did.  And I finished it.  We tied the fringe, and I took it home to give it a spa treatment.  This picture is from before it was washed, so please forgive any imperfections.  D was so taken by the scarf that it inspired him to start preaching at me.  I snatched the scarf off him quick before we got too deep into that crazy.

D's got the spirit!  How 'bout you?

Then Anne ordered these crazy triangle looms.  Of course, like a little kid, I had to try it out.  And not just the small one like she did.  And not the 5 ft one that was the next size up.  I had to go big or go home- I went for the 7 ft. shawl.  It was amazingly fast.  It took probably full 2 days of combined effort.  I actually worked on it over 2 different weekends, but all told, it was less than a 48hr project in terms of labor.  The awesome thing about this loom?  It uses very little yarn!  This shawl was made with 2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted- I used the black to do a single crochet around the edge and STILL had some left over.  Amazing.  Knitting would have used GOBS more yarn.

Super proud!

Last Sunday, after we visited a Unitarian Universalist church for the first time (super cool btw), Anne helped me warp my first real project onto my loom.  I spent Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon/evening weaving as scarf using some of my handspun.  I should have made the sections smaller so that I could have used more handspun, but I guess I'll just have more for another project!

Close up of scarf right off the loom.

I'm so emboldened by my success last night that I'm already plotting another project for my loom and thinking of doing it without help.  EEP.  That's nearly a sure sign for disaster.

Obviously, there have been MANY other things taking up my time besides the loom, but that is the most photogenic product of my time these past months.  I am also working on the window displays at the yarn shop, but this month I can't get a very good photo due to glare and reflection.  Boo.  

Hope everyone else is busy with crafty mojo goodness like I am!


Aponi said...

YAY! You're a weaver!

I've always wanted to try a triangle loom. I would go for the biggest one too.

Kristine Mitchell said...

Gorgeous stuff! I am amazed at the speed of your weaving projects...way less time than knitting them up.

PS: Glad you went BIG! :)