Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stop buying and Think for a minute


Go there. Read that. Back? Okay.

Now. I'm not poor. I'm not broke. I am, however, unemployed in about, um, 24hrs. Yes, tomorrow is my last day at my current school and I'm still looking for a school (ahem universe, I'm sending positive vibes- using the Secret, please help a sista out!) for next year. Anyway. I was reading this and it really struck home.

Laurie Perry (aka crazy aunt purl) speaks as thought she lives in my body. Really. Like she has the same soul. Freaky huh? Maybe that sounds all weird and stalkery, but really. Anyhow. She is taking a break from buying crap. Not like the world ends if she buys, but she's just gonna focus on her needs, not her wants.

And as I was reading this, I was flicking between tabs- frantically refreshing the Yarn Pirate website, stalking roving. I have just purchased two bumps (12 oz) of fiber. I need no more.

I just sold four skeins of sock yarn that I know I wasn't going to use. I get rid of stuff at a scary rate.

But I also bring stuff in at a scary rate. I scour the Rav boards for great yarn finds. I think about yarn and junk to buy when I'm washing my hair in the morning.

I'm a rabid consumer. And it scares me. My finances are not up to snuff for me to want to own the world. No Trumps or Rockafellers in my family. Nada.

Jeesh. I think I should follow her example and stop the buying a while. But, lets face it- I can prolly only last a month.

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Serious stuff to think about. Been feeling like you and aunt pearl for some time. NEED TO PUT THE BREAKS ON THIS RAMPANT YARN BINGE, even though it appears harmless at one ball at a time!

Let's be frugal!!!!!