Monday, January 21, 2008

Whoa Weather!

GA. has been having some weather as of late. Snow and sleet and ice. Some are braced for the end of times. ;P I managed to get home the other day fine because it turned into rain and the temp. rose right after that. And then we had a heavy snow warning for Saturday. It snowed all around us, but none in Col. as far as I know and I live on the North end. I wonder if my kids got snow?
I worked another yarn event at AC Moore and people were saying that it was snowing in Pine Mtn. and Warm Springs. So maybe they got some at school. I know they'll be pleased if they did.

Other than snow news, no news. I'm still knitting away on two pairs of socks. Working the scarfotis. Started sewing a lamb out of socks last night. Have the stuff cut for a zebra but I ran out of polyfil. Bummer. D said he'd bring some home from work for me if he could remember to buy some. :D We'll see about it.

Today is a good day, no school. But of course I had dreams of school all morning as I slept through my usual time. I had one where I didn't get there until 4th block and my principal was mad because I didn't call and was about to fire me. I woke up thank goodness before he got the chance. And then I had one where someone came in and rearranged my room. Put up these shelves in front of the chalkboard (*chalk where a white board should have been!) and moved my desk and my kids desks. Freaked me out a lot. I hate when I have time off and all I can think about is work. Makes me crazy. :P

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Daaaaaaling, your supposed to dream about knitting, not your blasted job!!!

You need to knit right before bedtime to calm your anxiety. Borrow from the american idians, and tack a big ball of sock yarn above your head to act as a dream catcher while you sleep!