Friday, February 08, 2008

Random Friday

Jan. was the month that I thought would never end. I lived six lives through that stipid month. And went broke! :P This being a teacher and getting one check a month thing is for the birds.

I voted. :D I felt very grown up. It was my very first time voting. Eva. !

I have just finished a pair of socks. I'm wearing them right now as a matter of fact. They are from my own handdyed yarn. I hated that I had to many knots, but if there weren't knots, I would have never been able to keep it!

I'm not impressed with the last Pirates movie. It was a bit too fantasy for me. The first one could have happened-ish but the next two, no way! And I hate that they left it open for a 4th. Won't be seeing it if they do. I don't like when movies keep going and going. Jason, Freddie, and the Halloweens are dumb to me for that reason.

I want to start a pair of Noro socks. Bad. Real bad. Like NOW. But I'm still at school, so no socks for the wicked.

My car is broken. It's leaking water like crazy and we can't find where it's coming from. I've driven to work the past two freezing mornings with no heat because I can't keep enough water in the stinkin' radiator. We hope it's just a hose. And we can fix it over the weekend. If not, we may have to do something serious like borrow a car or rent one! for the 4 days I'm in school next week. Eep.

There is a really icky piece of hair on my speaker on the desk. Squick!

It's Friday, 3:14 and I can't stand myself I'm so excited!!! My fave guy is going to be playing at The Loft tomorrow night and we are THERE! :D He hasn't played since waay before Chirstmas because he's been cutting an album. Yay! He's going to have a CD release party in March.

I hate giving makeup tests. I always wind up rewriting them so that the kids these days can't type them into their cells and then give them or sell them away to the kids who missed. More work for me, but it keeps them a little bit honest.

I had a really healthy discussion with my 4th block 10th graders today about race, racism, and MLK. We read his speech and talked about whether or not his dream has been realized. My special ed. teacher grew up in the civil rights era and told some stories that happened to her and her family in Alabama. It was really cool. A very neat way to spend a Friday during Black History month. Oh, have I ever mentioned I teach at a predom. black high school? That made it especially cool to have the convo. with my kids. I've been hit as a racist sooo many times this year that I'm so sick of it but I think the kids really opened up to me today. For the first time. Breakthroughs.

Ok. I think that's all the random info I can type out before the 3:30 bell. If only this kid would get finished so I can go!!! :P I feel the highway calling my name. Must make a note to add water to my car before I hope in and fly off.

Hace a great and random weekend!

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Glad to hear your kids are finally easing up on you. I bet you're a great teacher! Lucky kids!