Monday, December 11, 2006

That last post should have been posted Saturday afternoon, but well...I didn't do it. I didn't do much after graduation. I went out to eat at Roman Oven (THE bestest pizza place EVA) with my mom, brother, Donald (the step-dad-boyfriend), Dave (My boyfriend), and Cal, Dave's bestfriend and my cousin. We at largely and roundly. :D Then Cal came back to our place and we hung out. Well, I crashed and slept for like 2 hrs and they hung out but yeah. Then when I got up we all went to Waffle House and ate. MMM. I saw 3 of my students there. And then today I saw a student. WTF? At least now I don't have to deal with them in class AND in public.

But the fiber-related thing about grad, I got sock yarn from Cal for grad. :D I told him what to buy on eBay and he picked out some for me. YAY! I have 2 skiens of Lorna's Laces, Shepherd sock in Watercolors. And then a mega hank of some independent sock dyer on eBay. I love them both and will post pics on a diff. day.

I'm slogging away through a mdk washers for a swap. I love the pattern and all, but I feel like I HAVE to knit this and it is really bugging me. I Dunne why, but it is. I also am knitting a pig shaped pot holder for his meme for Christmas. I'm gone stuff it and let it ride as a toy. I don't want to knit it either. I am not really sure what my issue is right now. I just don't want to be knitting any of the stuff I'm working on right now. I have 2 socks that I'm magic looping (first time! ) and I guess that's what I really want to be working on. I guess I'm an addictive person cause I was totally wrapped up in Midas awhile ago, and now I'm all socks. Then I'll get socked out and be ready to be addicted to something else. *shrug*

Off to knit more mdk. grump grump grump


lauriec said...

I haven't picked up my needles in over a week! I've been goofing off on the 'net & playing backgammon. It's been a nice little hiatus & I'll start back up soon.

I have 2 hats that friends have asked me to make for them. I have the yarn for one of them & the other is coming from Yarnware.

I'm actually itching for another tote swap so I can make one of the bags from knitty!!

Lacey said...

Slacker! I've been knitting like crazy to get stuff done. I finished a stuffed pig for his Mema. I've been knitting hats, mostly because I've never really knit them before. Finished 2 rather quickly.

The totes are fun, I've wanted to knit and felt one for a while now, just haven't. I even have yarn and a pattern. How sad is that?!