Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm very tired of irrationally whinny people. Take all those nuts over on WendyKnits! blog....all in a stir because of Knit from your Stash. They seem to think that Wendy controls the knitting world and will have us all programmed to ignore all LYS for 9 whole months and put the biz out of biz. PUH-lease! As a general rule of thumb, see Lime and Violet for proof, knitters cannot NOT buy yarn. It's like hardwired into us, we need it. It's like a drug, a friggin' fix. So I don't wanna here some uppity whining LYS owner bitch about her/his yarn sales dropping through the floor because we're all gonna knit on the yarn we ALREADY bought from them. And per Wendy, "SOCK YARN DOESN"T COUNT." Neither, my panicked LYS owner, does ROVING. Now, if you cannot sell enough other stuff to OTHER knitters and keep afloat, you shoulda cut that novelty yarn section a LONG time ago Bub. Really, now. If she would have out and out said, knitters, pool all of your yarn money and donate it to a good and worthy cause that is helping to fight cancer, cure aids, and feed the hungry, would they have come out against that???!! HELL NO!

So I ask, really, why get in a snit over a small (compared to the population of China) 200-300 [is stretching this] knitters stop buying hoards of yarn? Who cares!?? Yeah, you won't be able to feast daily or to leave the lights on all night and not care. Big fat, hairy, deal. I seriously doubt that the yarn industry as we know it will topple from this one decision to knit with the yarn they have already paid a mint for. I see Tilly Thomas and all their fat cat friends, along with the piddly indies like Pippie and the Loopy Ewe, with the tiny one horse shows on Etsy and Ebay, all going down the crapper. Really, I do. It's like clear as broken crystal, shattered on the floor of this delusion these folks have. GET A GRIP!!!!


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Holly of HollYarns said...

Hmmm. I'll have to go check this out over at Wendy Knits. She's not on my blog stops, but now my interest is piqued.