Sunday, January 24, 2010


[A railing at the park- really great texture to photo]
I have been retreated all weekend with my Writing Project People. We went back to FDR state park and crammed ourselves into 2 cabins. Let's do a headcount- me, friend L, friend K, friend P, friend B, friend G, friend C, friend I, friend I's 3 children. That's almost an even dozen. We had 2 cabins. Our cabins slept 6 with 1 bathroom, and thiers slept 5 with 1 bathroom. During the day, the 5 from cabin 8 trooped up to our "bigger" cabin for the work we had to do. SO- 11 people with 1 bathroom. NOT COOL. I could kill FDR state park for their 1 bathroom policy. Stupid. Nice place otherwise (oh and the mice last year), but 1 bathroom was out of the question for a repeat. We had a good time and we did a LOT of work. By "we" I mean friend L because she is our scribe. The rest of us talk out our issues and plans, but she is the one who actually puts it all down so that we can remember it in the future.

We took a walk yesterday afternoon, and I took a few really nice pictures. I thought I'd share them here.
I found this in the leaves beside the main road through the park- thought it was interesting.

Stuffs growing on trees

The sunset up the mountain on Friday night.

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