Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year, New Post

Hello 2010!
You have kept me busy thus far. Please to stop soon. I need a break!

Since my last post, school has started back, and I'm beat. Who knew working 4 days a week could wear you out so fast?!

Last weekend we finally finished all of our Christmases with the many extended families we have. Divorce makes for interesting holidays. His parents are divorced, and so are his grandparents. Hello mulitpile events! But we have them all out of the way now, and we really did have a good time even if we ran all over creation to do it!

D's moms got a new baby after Christmas because she missed her old one so much, and he is a trip. His name is Jasper and he's a ball of energy ALL the time. Taking this pic took about 4 tries to see his face.

I've finished a knitting project already this year after being in SUCH a slump last year. It's the boneyard shawl from Westknits. I like it, but I want some frilly border on it to class it up a bit. It was made with yarn from a swap on Rav. in the Spin or Dye Swapping group. It was in a "bag of crap" thread where you just claimed stuff unknown. I got LUCKY and was given some beautiful pima cotton/tencel yarn in goldenrod. I'm all about some goldenrod right now. The only problem is that now I have about 10000000 ends to weave in and the yarn is slicky. The skeins were SOOO small and some places were spun weird, so I pulled those out. Maybe I'll try and bribe someone at SnB to do it who is better at it than I am.

I went to Macon again yesterday for a writing project meeting, and this is what I did on the way home:

If you notice, the spedo. shows no little needle. I was sitting still. Since I saw an ambulance scream up the highway northbound while we were sitting still, I can only imagine that a wreck stopped us for about 30 mins. When I finally got out of the standstill, I saw a broken guardrail on the side where it looked like the wreck may have happened. It was nasty and rainy yesterday, and people were driving like crazyfast. My happy self drove like a little old lady so as not to wind up the next person through a guardrail.

And speaking of rain, it's still here. This is the view out of my window today (the blue car is MINE! so sexsay):

So this is how/where I'll be spending my day:

That blanket is made of all sorts of handspun yarns. I've been working on it on and off, mostly off, for quite some time now. It's getting big, and BOY is it ever warm. I'm crocheting, so it's eating yarn like crazy, but it's also FAST.

A few links because I'm cool like that:
*A really great sponsor giveaway at SouleMama- you could win a sewing pattern + kit to make it or just the sewing pattern. Either way-cool!
*Another great giveaway of things from India at Lavendar and Limes (a new blog to me, but BEAUTIFUL photos).
*A quilt I wanna make for ME. I wouldn't be using that same fabric, but I'd use giant florals from my stash.
*Another option- I've loved this since I saw it made on her blog. LOVE IT. But this one also takes me in dearly. I want to do this one too. maybe this one before the other because I want the BOLD, giant strips like this.

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