Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can haz busy

Yes, in lolspeak, I've been busy. I've made some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some eh stuff since I last posted. Noo, no job news still.

So---in an effort to keep busy I give you a parade of things I've made. We'll start with a mess.

I got hurt making this bread and I was going to do a play by play,but I'm not there yet. Let's just say I have a new scar, I got burned (this didn't scar), I set my oven on fire, and the bread wasn't very bready.

This is why I thought I could make bread. That's the WHO bread I made from Soulemama's blog.


This is the plum bread of doom:

See how unbready it really was? We call it cobbler and it was good that way. Not bread, but we can still eat it all the same. And I saved the plums from going bad- well, spoiling, well rotting. Cause they did go bad, very very very bad. And they did spoil, spoiled my bread making. So yeah

And another eh kind of project. I give you Chaos A. Cat. I crocheted him up, but his fluff showed. He is now a dog toy. Poor kitty.

And this is some yarn I spun back in June, art yarn I call it. It was a felters pack of scrap wool,silk, strange weird fibers. I made yarn from it. :D

This is some Spunky Eclectic roving of the month stuff I spun half of *and got some powdered dye that was chillin' in the fibers onto a WHITE shirt that I activated teh dye on accidentally after I spilled something else on, so not a good day that day* and have just unspindled it so I can spin the other half. It took me like 3 hours total to get all of the singles off of the spindle and onto the papertowel holder=bobin.

And this is the next month's roving, flowering weeds that I've spun up and now started to ply with some embroidery floss (spell check?). I still have half of this to spin up too.

And now for the good deed of the week. I made 4 sock project bags to give away on the RAK boards on Ravelry. Here they are:

Soo, that's what I've been doing.
Oh, and something small to note. I got Lime and Violet'ed. That's right, they featured my little yarn shop on their HUGE podcast. Yes. I know. I rock. So hard. :D

PS. There are still some great yarns to be had in my shop, pop over and see what I gots. I added three new ones the other day, two are still left.

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