Sunday, March 02, 2008

We Interrupt This Radio Silence

We're back. After the Holidays, I needed a break. Now I feel fantabulous and we've been head over heels in the dye pots these past few weeks. I dabbled a bit in there last night as a matter of fact, so those will be coming out soon and up to dry. When they do so, we might sneak a few into the shop. :D And we have a new sock yarn base to play with. I'm still testing some stuff, seeing what dyes work, etc. So look for a new base yarn to add to the one we already have in stock.

Enough already! Check our Etsy mini and see what we have new for you!

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Oh yeah! I almost forgot. One lucky buyer who purchases one of our four new yarns will get a FREE matching set of stitch markers (4)!


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