Monday, November 20, 2006

Yay! I recieved my SP9 package in the mail today. In it, I found a Mrs. Beeton's kit (:D) complete with purple Baby Ull Dalegarn Wool (soft and very pretty), Kid Seta Mohair in a varigated purple, pinke, blue, green, orange, teal colorway, a set of purple siz 6 dpns, a set of pink size 7 dpns, the beads needed, and a large-eye needle for bead threading, and the pattern (plus a letter telling me what I had). I'm so excited that I had to post and tell everyone what a GREAT pal I have and that I've already started swatching. I've never swatched before as I've only made blankets and washrags. Can't really go too wrong with gague there. Thanks SP9 pal. I'll post pics later since I'm at work.


lauriec said...

Great goodies!

I'm getting excited for the MDK swapcloth (winter wonderland) to start! I've still got a couple Christmas gifts to knit (socks for my brother & felted slippers for hubby) so the sooner I have my swap done the better!

And woo hoo! I'm now a "cool army wife!" hee!

Anonymous said...


I'm having lots of fun thinking up ways to spoil you. You should see the notes I have all over your questionnaire. =)

Enjoy your kit and have a happy holiday.

Your SP9 Pal

Lacey said...

Yay! I have comments, again! I could just die from the excitement. And yes, I am super excited for the swapcloth winter version, I have no ideas on what to knit besides the ballband. I'm looking for patterns.

And to my pal: Thanks so much, I've already swatched and decided that I could knit diamonds with a little carbon yarn, so I had to get some larger DPNs. I've got those stuck in a hat at current, so I'll have to wait a few more days before I get to swatch again. :D