Monday, November 13, 2006

So go check out that last post, really...check the comments. Miss Lime commented, I could just *die* from the excitement. :D Yeah, I could so never be trusted to meet a celeb, I'd be all star struck and babbly. And these ladies just knit like hell, imagine if it was some hot guy star -> puddle.

And Whoo-Hoo, LaurieC stopped by to say hello, she's a cool army wife from Columbus.

In knitting news, I'm sockin away at my sock...again. I frogged. A lot. It was sad. And that's all I have to say about that.

I mailed out my LJ secret pal's present, and I hope she likes what I sent.

OH I bought some banana silk yarn and a cashmere/wool blend sock yarn. I pulled it out of the mail box (the dumb postperson shoved it in our 5inch x5inch mailbox....idiot) and it feels like well.... like angel fluff. I dunno, but it feels goooooooooooooood. :D I can't wait to knit it up. EEP. I think the colors are going to match my fruity pebbles-y scarf I knit already.

Dave's dad works for the secret service and was in India some time ago, and he left us a message on the machine one day and told Dave that he picked up the item that Dave requested. I had put in for some sari silk or some recycled sari silk yarn...OMG, what if he got it for me?! {insert interrobang here} I think I would just fall over ded. ded.

In school news, I am finished with all but one artifact thingy for my portfolio, I think there are upwards of 40 pages linked in that stupid thing. I created one mega honka website kids, and it better get a mega honka A too, or there will be consequences. Grr.

I think that's all the news or semi news I have for today.


holly said...

Hey Lacey,
I didn't forget about my promise to post the ballband scrubbie pattern in the flurry of cute furriness! First draft is up at my site: .
Still working on making the photo's captions a bit more readable. Thanks for the interest and hope my little pattern modification is fun and works for you.
P.S. Could you please alter your commenting section to allow for non "Blogger" bloggers to comment (like me--I'm over at Typepad, but have a blogger acct for the Mason Dixon KAL, and all other sorts of KALS and swaps).

Lacey said...

Oh, I didn't know I wasn't allowing ppl in. Thanks by the way, I'm heading over now to check it out! Not a problem. :D