Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Go here and read this crap

WHY, OH WHY, does Georgia always make the news for dumb stuff. This and this .

I am soooo friggin tired of people trying to half-ass things. I'm sorry, Harry Potter does not promote Wicca or witchcraft. It promotes fun things like friendship...strength of the know..not FREAKING WITCHCRAFT. I have not so big a problem with witchcraft and I know someone who I think is perhaps Wiccan or something. Jeesh. This book is wonderful. What the hell? This one woman, this one set of books has millions of children with a mega-fat book in their hands. When is the last time your 10 year old asked for a 300+ page book??? Really. Be honest. Cripes. This one woman has sparked the imagination and the reading desires of children on multiple continents. If anything, this woman should be applauded, not banned.

Rant over.

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