Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Spotty at best

I know. I know. I'm the world's WORST blogger. I could never do this for a living because I forget I even have a blog most of the time. The real issue is also pictures. I take junky pics of my knitting, so I hate to show it unless it's actually a nice photo.

Also, life has had a way of falling apart this year. I feel like my Grandma sometimes because I think, "If it's not one thing, it's another!" My job is weird right now, and boy's job is up in the air most of the time since he went to contract work. We are learning to cope with being less than secure in our futures. We're learning to roll with the punches you might say. We've also had lots of changes in our personal lives as friends move away, drift away, or enter into our lives.

Along with these changes come changes in the lives of our friends as well. At least 2 people I know are expecting little strangers. Since I'm all about crafty, you know I couldn't let that news just fall on idle hands. I only know the gender of the first baby, so I went about flicking through the WHOLE web looking for cute baby knits/projects. I made a gazillion of them too. I have a whole little basket of handmade and semi handmade gifts for her and bebe boy. If this baby turns out to be a girl, I will have a stroke.

First up: Bibs from old t-shirts- all of these came from the Goodwill here. I got the tutorial off of pinterest.com. That site is like Crack!

I cranked those out after a day spent sewing with a new friend. I used flannel for the backs of all but the button-up one. So cute and easy!

Next: Lion toy that didn't turn out as planned. This toy is on my remake list, but the first one is now a ferret toy. It was ok, but I thought the pattern was more of an oblong shape. It was NOT. I should have googled up the pattern and just downloaded it. Another find through pinterest. I followed a tutorial from Lil Blue Boo for how to make it, but I looked at a blog for the inspiration.

Breaking News: In the middle of this blog post, guess what boy ims to tell me? The friend I made all this for, yeah- she's having a ....

you guessed it!



Takes the wind out of your sails to find something like that out the day after you have all of the handmade projects completed and beautifully arranged in the gift basket.

To finish this blogfail:

A semi-handmade onesie-

And a handknit monster that will have to get a bow and a skirt:

I also knit a pebble vest and crocheted up a little cardigan. I guess it's back to the drawing board. The only positive thing here: a coworker is preggers too. She had better have a little dude! Otherwise, I have a lot of random baby stuff made for a boy I don't even know. :D

See what I mean by rolling with the punches?

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