Monday, December 13, 2010

Holy Holiday Crafting, Batman!

Obviously, I've been quiet. I've been working nearly 12 hours each day, so I'm a little more than beat. Now my quarter is over, and it's on! I've go so much craft energy going it's scary (read: I-don't-want-to-clean-my-house-avoidance-energy). Here's a round up of the humteen million things I WANT to make in the nearly month break before I have to go back to working 12 hours a day again. Whew!

What's on the needles:
A pair of purple slipper/socks for a friend who has a new apt. of her very own.

Knitting has just been TOO SLOW for my ADHD brain this month.

I've made some fleece wrap things that I ripped off of a store bought article and have some fleece left over. I'm feeling these mittens with the leftovers. I don't love the elastic on the outside bit, but I'll figger' something out.

I just found these and LOVE them. I think my mom would like one and maybe me too. :D

I also need new stockings as I made my first set when I was a newbie...they hold almost NOTHING and stretch like I do...not at all! These look like winners!

I do NOT need to make this pillow, but I want to all the same.

I'm in the process of making this bear. I have gotten so far as to buy fabric. And print the pattern. And cut the pieces. That's it. :P I need a new snuggle bear because it's butt cold outside here, and my regular fella is just too old to snuggle without fear of taking the lovin' too far and squishing out some stuffin'. I tend to waller (as Mama says) in the night.

I'm thinking I should leave it at that. Whew. That's a lot. If I manage even two of those, I'll be amazed! :p

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