Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Congrats to hideandsheep and RaenWa who both won! That's right. I pulled two names. I felt bad having only one winner (and even still felt bad after all of y'all put in, but I am not MADE of money!), so I'm diggin' in the stash to make up a second prize of Stitches goodies. I think I found something to go- a little ball of colorful Laines Du Nord Korall yarn (it says fancy on the back?)- it's soo cool. Each ply is a different color and it says that it's "100% Merino Fine Irrestringible" which sounds like a good thing. I got this at Stitches last year too. Notice that I'm not willing to part with the haul from this year yet- still too new. Like a new baby I guess- only mama can hold her! :D

So you two lucky ducks email me at Scooby_dooby_doo_2002 aht yahoo daht com. (Y'all are smart enough to know that aht should be subbed for @ and daht should be . Right? Right.

Sorry for all of the broken hearted out there. It's like the Audi commercial says, in all friendly competition, there is a winner....

** I LOVE that commercial. We saw it during the Olympics, and I thought we were gonna hork Dr. Pepper through our noses! hahahaha

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~RaenWa~ said...

Thank you for picking me as one of the winners. That commercial is hilarious.