Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Months

Seems like two months between posts is about the right amount of time for me to remember to blog. I'm so bad at this. I'll never have a book published- I can't keep followers interested in a semi-dead blog. OH ZOMBIE BLOG.

This is now the ZOMBIE BLOG.


Really, I'm posting for a good cause today. I'm all hopped up on do-gooder juice today and have a few things to mention. All you sewers, knitters, and crocheters, listen up- this one's fer you. I've found out about a charity project called Iraqi Bundles of Love run by a guy whose wife is on my blog roll of things I check compulsively. I'm discounting the skeins I have left in the shop to help finance my packages to the Iraqi Bundles of Love project here It costs around 11 dollars and some change to send each box. I have 5 to send. If I manage to sell all of the items in the shop, I'll pack some more boxes to send with the extra funds. So not a penny will go into my little hands because I'll spend it right back on shipping the boxes that I pull together. If you felt so moved, you could wrap up your own bundle and send it along. Art posted guidelines and says that almost any crafty item from knitters, crocheters, and sewers would be welcomed. Think about living in a land of no LYSes or fabric and craft stores. We could open the world to them with 11 measly bucks. :D

And, closer to home, Nest is taking submissions again until Sept. 1. I know that is like NO time to knit up stuff, but I thought I'd throw that out there too since I'm all do-goody today. :D I've got about 6 hats knit up and am 1 mitten into a pair to send along too. This year, I'm using my own handspun too, so it's exxxxtra love going out to Mainers. How boring am I, nothing but text? I'll have to dig up some pics to drop in here.

Please do think about sending something into these charities because they do good things for people and aren't scams. As an american, I know I have more than enough to keep myself in the plush life, so sharing should be second nature to me. I also know that it hurts to share sometimes, but that little "mine" sting is NOTHING next to the "don't have anything" hole that sits in the heart of some countries. So please do think about sharing some of your stash. You know you'll die before you make up most of it into something to be used anyway. These people need it. We just want this stuff. .

Thanks for checking back in on me. I'll not even try to be crazy and say I'll do better at posting- you and I both know it's a lie. :P

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