Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothing To Lose

I'm not a designer. I'm not planning to become one. BUT I AM a knitter and I do USE patterns, so I think I should voice this in some way.

Annie is a megapower in Knitting Design and she still gets treated like crap. So imagine what I would feel if I were to try and design to publish. Less than crap. No, that's not right. It's not right that if I did get my stuff into a major mag that they could rape the profits of unknown hours of work and determination and kick back a dime for every three dollars they make. NO. That's not right.

No. That's not right.


And now you can go read what she's said because I'm just a nobody in this, but it will affect my penchant to purchase Vogue mags from now on. Did you hear that Vogue? I hope so. Knitters shouldn't be f-ed with. Just in case you DIDN'T know that.


lauriec said...

I've already written them off after the whole bash Conservative groups on Ravelry. Whatever happened to live & let live? Is her life so sad that she's in VK & she's got to bash a little Ravelry group? Wow, why not use that opportunity for something else.

You don't have to like someone's politics or opinions but be respectful of them. And realize that they have wallets.


Thanks so much for the heads up on this! I sent my sopport to Annie