Saturday, June 28, 2008

Garbage in Garbage Out!

So I've been a busy bee. I finished my grad class and I went on an interview and cleaned out my stash.craft.guest bedroom and D got a job! Yay. D was offered the job of asst. manager at the new store and he took it. :D It's a blessing really since he was as high up as he could go in his old store. Now he's asst. mgr- in less than a year time- from part time seasonal minion to asst. mgr. WOOT!

And I went on an interview and I felt like I rocked it. I was armed with test scores and stats about the school, they were blown away. I'll hear by July 8thish. Pray that I get it, it seems like a great place to set up shop for a while.

And my bedroom was trashed- really. I had been so busy with weekend crafty stuffs that I'd just shove stuff back in there and not really put it up properly. So, here we have the new and improved closet where almost ALL of my yarn, et al is stored.

And a close up of the tall thingy: Photobucket

This is a little messy still, but I have to get new bookends for this:

Then there's the new yarn D got me at his store at a STEEP discount. :D
Photobucket That's all double stacked in there. I know...

Then there's this drawer too

And I'd like to share my tattoo for the first time

Also, I saw Shawn Mullins at The Loft last weekend. ROCK OUT! He played late and my mans Marshall Ruffin opened for him

Oh and the car is still screwed up- something else this time. GOOD LORD!